Episode 8: Dual Dueling

Praetor decided to have a Zon of his own to play around with. Things get interesting in duels...especially when he starts using Clegaw's.

Diablo II: LOD Trivia Question # 1054: What is constapation?

Duh, mutha fucka.

I love that word! SHORE!

OMFG Slow! And the dreadful, all-powerful letter N! Wonder what he was gonna say? Probably a scream of anguish: Nooooooo....

WE are weak?! Excuse me?

What would an episode be without a lame insult from me?

Ummm....if you join a dueling game, EXPECT to lose your gold.

Though we both lost a ton of gold from 3 corpse-guarding ThunderStorm Sorcs. Oh well.