Episode 6: Some Random Misadventures

This is a familiar scene...me behind my favorite pillar, acting innocent.

True to his name, Madawhack whacked a person standing next to me and I gleefully scooped up 50,000 gold coins.

When two of the ancients were dead I expressed my forlorn thoughts. Surely we were doomed, for we were to face Korlic's wrath with only six of us. Thinking fast, I opened a TP and waited for the 'thanks'.

They started up again, but someone else saved me the trouble of disruption the battle:

I then thought of a brilliant idea. Surely, the Ancients were too old and their eyesight too worn to catch me opening a TP 'quickly'?

Another excuse fed itself to me.

Everyone left, so I decided to finish the Anya Quest on Normal since Talic's LE had almost taken down my 1.5k life to nothing. As soon as I entered the game, however, I got a message from Battle.net saying the Realms were closing in 7 minutes. Crap! Making all haste, I got to Anya in record time.

So close...

And Anya is freed...


What would a quest be without a crappy reward? (Mind you, the Resistance Scroll did help.)