Episode 4: A Lesson In Dueling, Part I

I didn't have Praetor to back me up today, but I decided to try a hand at solo wrecking. I joined the ever-popular game 'Ancients Nm' and I was in luck. A full game, highest level was 71, and on their way to Ancients. I followed them, making easy talk until we got to the summit. I immediately found my favorite pillar and waited until 2 Ancients were dead. The scheme begins.

I give them the usual corny excuse:

Being the kind person I was, I offered to quit their party! No hassle, no worries!

Or did I?

Of course, I blame it on someone else:

I then go and prepare for the upcoming battle:

Ultima then hostiles me. Pretty stupid seeing as how I'm a level 78 and he/she's 44.

They then decide to go on without Ultima!

During this time I was killed by Ultima. It was VERY sad, but he shot a bunch of Lightning Furies and being the slow wolf I am, I didn't manage to reach him before my -55 Lightning Resist killed me. I would have my revenge soon...

And I did. I killed him in one hit and spat on his corpse. Wolf drool can't feel very good. About this time everyone catches on and unparties me.

And realize I can still stop their fight.

They don't care? Oh, I think they do.

Some people are just coming to realize that I'm the one who keeps throwing up TP's.

I uncover my master plan.

They finally get pissed off and announce the new game: Xriot/III. Pretty stupid to say that with my wolfish extra-sensative hearing. I log onto my Amazon, Danish_Turkey, and join the game. Strangely enough, they didn't seem to recognize me. They expressed openly their hate for my alter-ego, Harry, and I boasted of the time I PK'ed 'him' with Immolation Arrow.

It wasn't a TOTAL lie...I could do it if I wanted.

I make a TP and give them the traditional excuse, letting the cat out of the bag...or the turkey, whatever.

Continued in Part II...