Episode 2: 'Dirty' Talk

Doing the usual Bloody Run in Hell, I encountered an old douche-bag claiming he was 7 years old. After that, his (so-called) mother took over the keyboard and proclaimed that she is teaching her son how to read using Diablo 2. Boy, was I convinced.....

BTW, I had 2 other people on my side. (Grothin and of-spongebob) Note: This is a Message Log, so read from bottom to top.

I decided I would try something to provoke her.....

Then came the usual death threat.....

The common response to that:

And outta nowhere, Grothin says:

"How ARE you a slut?"

"My finger slipped." My ass.

Wow, you've been playing 2 years and you're still a newbie? Tough, man.

And then we end with the math corrections and the items spawned from our very twisted minds. What's next, a Deadly Garden Hose of Flower Watering? How about a Fast Blizzard Realm of No-Lagedness? Then again, some things may never exist.