Episode 16: Putting the "Death" in "Death Lord"

For those of you that don't know, Death Lords are those minotaur melee warriors in Act V with Frenzy and Double Swing. Even the normal monsters hit hard, but when you get champions or unique packs, it takes a bit more effort to destroy them. Sometimes, though, the spawn becomes simply absurb; no character on Battle.net would be able to survive in the following situation. I started taking shots in the middle of the whole fling; you can see in the following picture that two Pallies already died to them.

He's not too far off with the "100 Frenzyers" comment. I didn't get a chance to just sit there and count, but I did find four (YES, FOUR) champion packs, including a few berserkers, at least two unique packs (and thinking back, im suspecting that there were at least one more). One of the packs had Might that stacked onto almost all the enemies except for the ones in the middle of the Throne, and one in the corner had Fanatism. One was Extra Fast, and one had Teleportation. Add that to a medley of Hell Witches casting Amplify Damage, and you've got yourself one-hit KOs easily. The last spawn was either Burning Souls or Undead Horrors (I don't remember), and compared with this mess, they were relatively unnoticed. Here's a shot of the core of the Throne. Most of the minotaurs are attacking DocJawz in the upper left, but what remains is still enough to cause seizures:

But of course, this happens rarely. A better way to have fun is to make sure no one has time to respond:

This guy was annoying me, so I made a TP "accidentally" near Achmel's spawn. The death toll is hilarious:

Through all the chaos, I snagged a small charm, and looky what it was? Who says being a grief player isn't profitable?

Unique packs of Death Lords are very easy to find if you're walking to the Throne, and it is almost guaranteed (I'd say a 90% chance) that if the rest of your party is in the 70's, they will get slaughtered by underestimating the Death Lords. In that case, it becomes quite fun to see the deaths. Simply trapping the entrance to Throne is enough usually to start the slaughter.