Episode 1: Ancient Anarchists

It was Saturday night, and Battle.net was itching for trouble. Browsing through a list of games, we immediately found one. I was logged in as my Druid, Harry_Hipples, and Praetor was on Hidranova. I knew my Druid had enough life to withstand the rigors of the Ancients, and possibly a trip through Ancient's Way. The Ancients were already loose and the fight was on. Perfect. Unfortunately, no TP's were up in the Ancient's Way. Uh oh. I spammed 'TP PLZ', and before you could blink a TP was up. Well, the usual rounds of 'WTF' were there. I hopped into the Arreat Summit and the battle started again. When two of the Ancients were down (Korlic was still fighting) I popped up a TP and the results, as usual, were hilarious.

As you can see, they immediately restarted the Ancients. However, we didn't get the chance to do it again because limited_zon apparently reached the end of her limited zon and hostiled everyone. A few people left, Praetor and I went to town, and we saw a bunch of deaths. Someone had already ruined this game for us, so we left. We found another game, but that one didn't fare so well as after the first one died, the last two died at almost the same time and we were milliseconds too late. The next game, though, was our biggest success. Hidranova couldn't join because it was full with me, so he awaited the outcome. Again, there were no portals to the Ancient's Way, so I asked for a TP, and a guy named 'slckds' made a TP. The responses while I was in town:

And at the summit:

It was then that a bystander, who shall be known as '900qq', suggested that I make my TP's behind one of the many pillars at the Summit. I tested on all of them until I found the perfect spot, behind the one to the right of the Worldstone entrance. Unfortunately, my many TP's convinced the players that I was the guilty one, and they made their objective clear:

Which didn't work out so well, thanks to slckds:

And the plot thickens, as I say WOR invited me:

My steady stream of invites were cut short as slckds left. However, I immediately remedied THAT problem:

As I literally laughed so hard I cried, I was invited over and over again by azn-chippo. It must of been more than 10 times that they remade the party, only to be furious at my joining. I was hostiled, but I just took azn's TP at the Ancient's Way. Finally, they started suspecting azn-chippo and my invites were cut. I still managed to disrupt their fighting as I made TP after TP on the summit. When the hostiles arrived I had to beat a hasty retreat, and my TP closed as they started the Ancients again. But since I had taken azn's TP to the Ancient's Way at the spot next to the Summit, the minimap now revealed the elusive spot. So I made the short trek, went up and made another TP. I saw a hostile's TS strike my Grizzly Bear and I ran, only to meet the blades of Talic. I made the trip yet again, more difficult without my body, threw another TP, and got my corpse. By this time everyone had left except two French-speaking players. They said 'channel amqui' and left. Then, since Hidranova was never seen by these people, Praetor entered the channel and lo and behold, he was the moderator. We first thought of just banning both of them right then and there, but then inspiration struck. We waited, and they came. I joined the channel after them, and they told Praetor to ban me. Seeing opportunity, he banned me and gained their trust. Perfect. They started speaking French and I spoke back in French, and they said "x66/x66". So Praetor followed them, and I trailed along. They both didn't seem to be astonished at how I had found their game, much to my surprise. I stayed out of the party at first, waiting for them to reach the Ancients. Soon enough, one of them died, and I joined the party. I made haste to the Summit and threw up another TP. I accused Electro and Hidranova tried to play along but unfortunately they were onto us:

Or maybe not:

I guess Electro just finally got fed up, and he left without a word. As we stood amongst the piles of gold, potions, and Nova_Tempest's corpse, we knew that we were successful; the game had been effectively all but torn apart.