Episode One: Ancient Anarchists

Episode Two: 'Dirty' Talk

Episode Three: D2 Exploits, Page I

Episode Four: A Lesson In Dueling, Part I

Episode Five: A Lesson In Dueling, Part II

Episode Six: Some Random Misadventures

Episode Seven: Leeching is as Leeching Does

Episode Eight: Dual Dueling

Episode Nine: Nostalgia

Episode Ten: D2 Exploits, Part 2

Episode Eleven: Humiliation

Episode Twelve: Do You Want To Lei Bei?

Episode Thirteen: The Randy Man Can

Episode Fourteen: D2 Exploits, Part 3

Episode Fifteen: The Art of Grabbing


Damn Racists

Laugh Out Loud Not Funny

That blue/purple button

What? Shako?

Blizzard Running Outta Names?

A Truly "Blessed" Plate

Monster Names

A Pindleskin Nightmare

Another Pindleskin Nightmare

Blizzard's Quip