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September 11, 2000: by Viper Lead

Wow it's been almost a month since my last post. Nothing new has occured around here so nothing is to be reported. IF YOU ARE A GUEST PLEASE SIGN OUR GUESTBOOK. I would like to know who comes in and out of this site now and then. You'll find a link to it at the bottom of the page. Well that'll be all for now.

August 20, 2000: by Viper Lead

Well not too much has been going on around here lately. Currently we are trying out a new possible memeber and still working on the site. I have updated the memebers page and will soon be soon putting up the memebers individual profiles. Keep the good work up and keep practicing. If any clans are willing to challenge us just click on the contact link and send me an email. Just have fun out there cuz thats what Rogue Spear is all about.  If anyone has important news they want posted on the site please click on the submit news link.

August 11,2000: by Viper Lead

Well we are now working on a new section of the for members only that will feauture maps and different things we might need...if you have any questions about it let me know. I would like to also announce that DarkPaladin is the new second in command. Due to certain circumstances, Colonelsniper and Diabolique are now on the inactive list but are still memebers. With the inactivation of them we are now gonna need new people...on August 15,2000 we will be having try outs for memebe at 12:00pm EST on the zone in Benjo Rocks Room so pass the word on.

August 02,2000: by Viper Lead

Welcome to the new site...I have just changed a couple little things and will be putting new updates on here at least once to twice a week...We just played the Pink Penguins and we ended up in a tie...more on that on the matches page.



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