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Welcome to Castle Starlin

Open the gates! A wanderer aproaches!

Hail fellow traveler and welcome to my castle. I am Sir Cecil Starlin, Paladin to Stephanie. Enter! We will quickly set you up a place at the dinner table and make arrangements for your stay. If you like, while we wait, I can give you a tour of my home. It's not often we get travalers in these parts, and I'd be happy to share what I have learned in my own travelings. Mayhaps it can help you some day in your own journeys.

Updates - Last Updated 02/20/2001.

Coming Soon - Still have Home PC problems, but I've found a little time to update.

Castle Starlin's Training Grounds

Name-Givers of all type come here to learn from my master trainers the Disciplines of their choice, if the teacher is willing to train them. Occasionally I come across a Discipline Master whom has not often been seen in the lands, and I hire him on with my other personal trainers. That way they may take on students and spread their adept powers around Barsaive. Please feel free to speak with them.

Castle Starlin's Armory

Here in my armory, Weaponsmith's from Barsaive, as well as some from other parts of the world, work for me. Be they beating out weapons and armor for my castle guard, or discovering the hidden knowledges and powers of thread items of the same type, they are always busy working. Finer Weaponsmith's I've not met much in my travels. The ones I have were already taken or too happy with the adventuring lifestyle. I have still convinced even a few of those to work for me while they stayed in my castle. Please look around, I'm sure there's something here you'll like.

Castle Starlin's Treasury

Ah, my finest wealth is kept here. Coinage, jewels, and of course, thread items are stored in this vault. Many a once useful tools now have a home here on display. Why even the famed "Amulet of Jalen" now resides here. If ever there is a Kaer found to be sealed by him, it shall once again be put to use. I might be in a chearful mood later and show you around inside.

Castle Starlin's Library~~~~New!

Here in our castle's library other tidbits of information can be obtained. Things that do not relate to the rest of the castle can be found here. One such item of note is a manual of knowledge on dragons. This manual is from the eternal library, though I keep a copy of it here in my home as well.

Shiela's Library

This library belongs solely to Shiela. I don't go there often, not being a spellcaster myself, but from what I've heard and seen she is a master in many arts herself. It seems she has been able to create new spells and such that deal with the different magi arts. If magic is your interest I can lead you to her study.

Beasts of the Land

Here in my Research area, my many specialists study on the diverse beasts that me and many of my fellow companions have come across. Often we have been able to bring back the bodies of these things. More often than not, my employee's discover useful infomation about these creatures. This may be an area you will want to see more of, seeing as how you look to be the adventurous type.

Rules of Castle Starlin

Here rests the rules of the castle. You are obligated to follow them only to the base detail, we would not expect you to memorize them as you are only a guest. Those who make their home here are a different matter entirely. Though I would suggest you look over them still as you may find many castles and keeps in this area using the same guidelines.

Adventures through the Lands

These are my private diaries. I always keep a diary of my adventures, so as to read them at a later time. Sometimes for laughs, sometimes to re-learn the lesson that had been taught. Right now only little is open to public eyes as there are some whom would use this information against me. Also here you will find plans for some of our future journeys.

Directions around Barsaive

Ah, here in my study you will find directions to many other homes of which contain vaulable information of the land of Barsaive and this world. If you ever travel their way, it would be useful for you to stop by and take the time to study what they have to offer. Many a days and nights have I been saved by things I have learned from these other Name-Givers.

Leaving so soon?

Ah well there comes a time when all things must end. I hope you have enjoyed your stay here at Castle Starlin. If ever you are about these parts again, you are welcome to rest your head here. Any information you discover that is not here and you think others could beniefit from, feel free to leave me a message, I will surely respond as expiediantly as possible. Bah, I tarry on like a child, you have a land to explore and adventures that await. Travel safe, and may the Passions bless thee.

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