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Ah, welcome to my scribe's room. Here he keeps me and the rest of the castle residents updated in the workings around here. If shiela puts out a new spell he'll know it. If I pick up a new trainer, he'll know it. He's our little busy body, aren't ya Tyris?

Yes master Starlin, I keep up with things as they would say. Isn't that what you pay me to do though? I see you brought company. Anyways, let's see what we have new since last you've came through.

Update for February 20th, 2001 - I've started a new section that can't be found as a link on any of these pages yet. It's far from completion. It will be a "Products" page listing all the products made for Earthdawn in the past, present, and future. If you would like to see a preview of the page click here.
Also added a link to Adobe's Homepage for those of you who wish to get Acrobat Reader and don't know the page. Hey someone out there might not! ;)
One last note, I finally started adding pictures to my page. Hey this is only my first Web Page that I've done 100% HTML coding. I had/have to teach myself so some of it is slow. ;)

Past Updates

Update for September 30th, 2000 - I feel like I'm neglecting this page so much, but alas I am now moved into my new home, have new school time and all the goodies that I needed in real life. I add a downloads page, Castle Starlin's Library. Right now I just have the Dragons Sourcebook here, but anything I create as download files will be stored here. Hopefully between now and Wednesday I'll also have the next caste of Demons as well as a start on where they come from and more details about them. The Demonologist is starting to come along and I've already finished the first circle spells. Keep watching for more updates to come.

Update for July 17th, 2000 - Updates are now being cut back to probably once a month, if it changes to more recent I'll let you know. Anyways, I've managed to get a copy of the tables I needed for creature creation (Thanks Chronicler) and wrote up the first of the demons for the demonologist, who will be coming at a later date.

Update for June 20th, 2000 - Well, it has been SOME time since I've touched this page. School and work have kept me ever busy in the real world. Who would have thought it, a gamer with a life! I'm just joking, I'm sure you all have lives as well. It's not much of an update but my links page now has about a dozen or so links on it. Till next time, try to stay alive.

Update for May 28th, 2000 - Plugged in Valiant's Axe. Halfway done on my Demonologist so it should be here soon. Spells will come later. I'll be gone for the weekend so see you all come Tuesday. Happy Holidays!

Update for May 27th, 2000 - Been awhile. Didn't mean to make it look like I gave up on my page, but I started summer sessions at college and my part time buisness has suddenly gone through the roof. As before it was only something to do for extra cash, me and my partner of this buisness have recently aquired enough work to keep us busy as a full time job. I own my own business if you haven't picked that up yet. On to updates.
As I promised I have added Shakar's Blade. As anyone familiar with the ED main book Unique Thread Items can tell, Shakar's blade seems, at first glance, to be a rip-off of Kagel's Blade. Reading the Key Knowledge's however changes that. It was actually made by an adept who took a very unique way of acuiring the knowledge's to Kagel's Blade and forged his own nearly identical one once becoming a student of Kagel's.
I've also added to my main page a list of things that will be in the updates in the future.

Update for May 8th, 2000 - Well all my links now go to at least a blank background instead of the angelfire basic start page. I've manage'd to start the armory. So far there is only Randalin's Rest-Bringer, but once I get back home tonight I'll add Shakar's Blade and Valiant's Axe. Took a little break from the page cause work called me to take some major time for this past week.

Update for May 4th, 2000 - So far all I've done today was revamp the 1st through 9th Circles of the Bounty Hunter, don't know how much time I'll have to work on the site today as I run my ED game on Thursdays. Besides once I get most of the base threads down for this page I probably won't update it daily like I have been. More like weekly or ever two weeks.

Update for May 3rd, 2000 - I've opened the spell section, even though there is only 2 spells in it for now, I haven't actually type'd up the other spells I have created onto my computer yet, but you'll know when I do.
Made time to post up the Amulet of Jalen in the items section. Useful in campaigns where the party or group is opening lost Kaer's.

Update for May 2nd, 2000 - Ah finally after monthes of saying "I'm going to make a Web Page to display my few Earthdawn items, I actually got to it and started. Got the whole Home page done, except graphics.
Also got to the Disciplines. Debating over wether or not to put in the tech based Disciplines from my future apoc game. I used ED for that instead of SR cause it's 85% Fantasy setting and only 15% techie. If anyone wants me to post them E-Mail me.

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