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Directions around Barsaive

Here my friend, feel free to search my scrolls of maps. They will lead you to many a informative place, such as my own here. Some are homes of more informative peoples, while others are merely places that hold storehouses of information. I'm sure at least something within them will aid thee in thy journeys. Please visit them, and if the masters are at home send my regards.

Earthdawn Web Sites

Ash's Earthdawn Sheets - Home to, in my opinion, the best reference sheets for Earthdawn around. From character sheets to spell list sheet and more. Need a great sheet for something in your Earthdawn game? Go here now!

Cyanblades Earthdawn - Home of all the Disciplines on the net. If you're looking for one and it isn't here, stop looking.

Keep Earthdawn Ever Present. - Home of a good group of people that don't want to see the Earthdawn world fade. (P.S. - This is their new site)

Lady Saria's Keep: Castle Auryle - A few original posts here, but the main thing is the Earthdawn Lagends Mailing list. Take a look, I'm sure you'll like what you see.

Living Room Games - The game company that currently holds the printing and publishing rights to Earthdawn. New Earthdawn stuff can be found here.

Tapestry of Legend - The Tapestry's New home page. Home to a great deal of Talent Knacks.

Strands - The Strands web page, a little bit of everything Earthdawn. Plus many web reference charts.

W.E.R.G - Home of the Chronicler. He keeps up well with the growing Earthdawn world as well as Living Room Games, now writters of Earthdawn. Also home to submissions from all over the world.

Earthdawn Message Boards

Unfortunatly, four of the old web boards are now defunct. These are the two still up and running.

The K.E.E.P. Web Board - The Web board of those people that are trying to "Keep Earthdawn Ever Present! This is thier newly relocated web board."

W.E.R.G. Bulletin Board - Self explanatory. Has postable boards for all subjects, just register and start posting!

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