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Castle Starlin's Treasury

This is where I keep my wealth and items that I have accumlated over time. The chests with silver and gold don't interest you I'm sure, but perhaps some of those things on the shelf might. Please, by all means, have a look. There are scrolls next to them with the information known about them. I'm fairly confident that all you could want to know is written on the scrolls.

Amulet of Jalen
Maximum Threads: 2
Spell Defense:17

The Amulet of Jalen is a shadowy looking sapphire on a simple silver chain necklace. Once a thread is attached, the sapphire attains a luminescent glow. When the powers are invoked it flares a blinding blue.

Thread Ranks

Rank 1		Cost: 500
Key Knowledge: The Amulet of Jalen was used to seal the Kaer of Rakvatir and many other Kaers on the Eastern borders of Barsaive, used by the Theran Elementalist Jalen Rosedale who sealed these Kaers. It was used duelly, both to seal the Kaers and to protect him while he was sealing them. The wielder must learn that the amulet was used to seal Kaer Rakvatir.
Effect: Once a thread is attached the amulet can be used to open any of the Kaer's it has sealed. The amulet also adds +2 to the wearers Armor and Mystic Armor Ratings.
Rank 2		Cost: 800
Effect: The amulet mimics the talents Confront Horror and Bardic Voice, both at rank 4. If the user already has either of these talents, add 4 ranks to it while the amulet is worn. If the amulet is removed for more than 3 days, any thread higher than rank 2 is lost and must be reattached. The wearer will understand this once a rank 2 thread is attached.
Rank 3		Cost: 1300
Key Knowledge: The wielder must learn that the amulet was used to seal Kaer's by Jalen Rosedale.
Effect: The wielder may now partially seal any closed settlement, such as a Kaer, from Horror's and Horror construct's entering. The wielder makes a Willforce Test noting the test result. Any Horror or Horror Construct must achieve a good or better Willpower Test against the wielder's Willforce Test result or be thrown back to the Astral Realm when trying to enter the Settlement.
Rank 4		Cost: 2100
Deed: The wielder must open a Kaer sealed by the amulet. He must then let any survivor's inside the Kaer know that the Scourge is over. If there are no survivor's he must avenge their death's. This deed is worth 2,100 Legend points for all members involved.
Effect: When in battle against a Horror or Horor construct, the wearer gains +3 steps to his Initiative Step dice. This ability can only be used in the first round of combat. It reflects that the amulet warns the wearer of the approach of such beings.
Rank 5		Cost: 3400
Key Knowledge: The wielder must learn that the amulet was also made to protect Jalen Rosedale while he was sealing the Kaer's.
Effect: The wearer gains +3 to all his defense's when dealing with a Horror or Horror constucts while defending a Kaer. Additionally, Horrors and Horror Constructs must achieve a Good or better result to damage the target.

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