This is a new feature i have added to help out and kinda change the RPG.Evil aligned characters cant be trained by good trainers and vice versa.

"Good" Trainers

(earth)Gohan -225 CG-Takes two weeks ,You gain 100 to all your stats and learn an Earth move that you are able to learn(Means your stats have to be high enough to learn move)

(earth)Krillin-350 CG-Takes two weeks ,You gain 175 to all your stats and you learn Destructo disc.

(earth)Popo-375 CG-Takes two weeks 2days,You lose 100 off all your stats but you gain any two moves on Earth no matter what your stats are.

(earth)Kame-375 CG-Takes two weeks three days,adds 350 to IN. and you gain ki sword.

(earth,and Namek)Piccolo-500 CG-Takes three weeks-doubles your PL and SP.

(next dimension)King Kai-no CG but you have to be dead-if you train with him through all the time you spend in the next dimension you gain 175 to all your stats,and Kaio Ken x1(which is good if your stats arent high enough.

(anywhere)Goku-600 CG-Takes one day,You get 250 added to all your stats and you learn any move from Earth or Namek

(anywhere)SSJGoku-1000 CG-one week You get Kaio kenx5 and 350 to your PL.

"Evil" Trainers

(on Earth)Radditz-200 CG-takes 1 week 2 days-you lose 50 from all your stats,but you gain two Earth techniques that but you have to have high enough stats to actually learn the techniques.

(on Earth)Nappa-250 CG-Takes 2 weeks-you gain Galick Ho and you get 100 to all your stats.

(On Namek)Zarbon-450 CG-takes 2 weeks 2 days,and you gain 175 to all your stats and you are given Ginyu Armor.

(earth,New Vejita)Turliss-450 CG-Takes three weeks-you gain 200 to all your stats and you get a seed of might.

Vejita-500 CG-Takes three weeks-Your PL is raised by 500 and you gain kakusa kikou ha.

Frieza-1000 CG-takes three weeks you gain transformationx2 200 to your IN and you get kiaoushin armor
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