Items To Search For -Earth Items-

Earth DBZ- (7 in all) if you find all 7 of these items you get 1 wish can be fought for

Squall's Gunblade-allows you to attck the enemy at close or far range-deals extra damage to opponent when attacking

Quistis' Whip-Deals damage by stinging the opponent at mid-range-deals extra damage to attacking opponent

Pendalem Room- if you find this mystical place you can spend up to 3 weeks training in which you'll gain double the points you would normally get for training/////

Materia/GF- Rare items-(another player may battle you for possssion of your materia , the winner of the battle gets the materia)

Summon,(You may only have 2 materia.You can sell your old to another player or throw it away)

Bahamut ZERO-Tetra Flare-A huge dragon flys above the earth and fires a huge blast that strikes the enemy doing heavy damage////////

Highwind- a space ship might take a little while to find holds up to 8 characters ,already has all upgrades.///////// -Namek Items-/////

Namek DBZ- (7 in all) if you find all you get 3 wishes////////

Irvine's Shotgun-Deals high damage when close up ,but more accurate when far away.//////


Eden- a powerful GF that fires a huge blast of energy at opponent////////

-New Vejita-/////// New Vegeta Zet Sword(5 of them in the game)Doubles your stats. //////////////

Ragnarock- a spaceship that can hold as many people as you want, unlike other spaceships this one you can spar in ///////////

Materia ////////

Summon/GF, Red

Knights of The Round- a very powerful summon- 13 knights attack //////////


Zell's Gloves-Hightens Speed by 250-hard to find

Materia ////////

Summon/GF, Red /////

Gilgamesh-Has 4 different moves. (5-250-Excalipoor)(251-500-Excaliber)(501-750-Masamune)(701-1000+-Zantetsuken)Wherever your PL is, thats what attack you will be able to use /////////

-Next Demension Items-/////

Cid's Cards-highens INT by 400-hard to find////

Cloud's Sword-Powerful sword that raises all good aligned characters' stats by 150 when held by an good aligned character.///////

Materia ///

Alexander- an angel of light////

-Hell Items-////////

Seifer's Gunblade-Lowers PL by 200 but raises AP by 650-hard to find/////

Sephiroth's Sword-Powerful sword that raises all evil aligned characters' stats by 150 when held by an evil aligned character.///////

Diablos-A demon that uses evil energy to attack