You may only have 1 character.

You can have up to 2 pets.

Summons/GF's don't count as Pets but they don't gain points or credits and they don't make money

You can learn up to 15 techniques

All your stats start at 5 and you start on Earth.

You may pick to have a Good or Evil to be aligned with

If you win a battle you get 175 points to distibute anomg your stats , and 40 CG.if you lose you gain 70 points and 15 CG.

Training takes 6 days.After training you get 275 points and 45 CG.

Working takes any number of days you want.After working you get 35 points and 90 CG for each day.

After training, battling, or learning a technique you must rest one day unless you have a senzu bean which you can use if you request it.

Whenever you get into a battle I compare your stats, techniques, and items to your opponents and whoever is more powerful all around wins if it's close i'll flip a coin.Ill also take which moves you know and how powerful they are into consideration.

I promise to be fair.

Pets start up just like characters except pets can't use materia.

Please only 2 emails a day. If you forget something you can send a third email but thats what the second one is for. You may only battle once a day, and may only learn 5 techniques a month.

Your pets may give you money and items you can give them money and items.

If an opponent fights you and is a lot stronger than you, you may be killed, but don't worry you'll come back in a 15 days unless you have a phoenix down and request to use it or if someone else uses a phoenix down on you.

If you get all the DBZ you can have 1 wish for the Earth DBZ 3 wishes for the Namek DBZ after a wish is made with the dragon balls . Those dragon balls can not be found untill a month later

Items can be battled over.

You may not have your pets battle each other and you may not battle your pets. Same applies to sparring.

I use a coin when you search for items it all depends on what i flip, i promise not to cheat.

Wish Rules(Make sure to word your wishes exactly the way you want them to happen).

You can wish for other things besides these, but I have the power to not make the wish happen if I feel it isn't fair to other people who play this rpg or is to powerful.

You can't wish to add more than 200 to all the stats of more than one person

You can double the stats of one person.

You can't wish for more than 450 CG for any 1 person.

You can wish for any 1 searchable item not owned by any other player.

You can wish for any 1 technique.

You can't wish to take away more than 30% of any one person's stats.

You can't wish somebody dead.

You can wish yourself or another person to another planet.

You can wish sombody out of the Next Dimension.

You can wish to be able to learn up to 25 techniques.

You can wish for any item in the stores unless it is posted that you can't.