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Puar vs Mr Popo

Puar was done with his intense training in the pendulum room and went to go beat up someone before this "Turks'" crap so he went up to Mr Popo and Popo pleaded for Puar to not harm his hat.So Puar just beat the hell out of him.

Tseng vs Squall

Well Tseng went on to beat up Squall and so he did ....with a bullet.....ummm, in a spot where hes shot many a person before.

Sephiroth vs Goku

Sephiroth was still grumpy so Goku flew up to get an aerial view of him.He then flew down directly onto Sephiroths head, knocking him out.He then left to go to Namek.

Mr Popo vs Sephiroth

Mr popo cautiously put on his hat and started walking ,lookin over his shoulder, but he bumped into the angry Sephiroth(i mean his nuts got shot off!!)So he cut mr Popo's Turban in half.He then proceded to stomp on it into the ground.Mr popo just started laughing now.

Tseng vs Sephiroth

Tseng was sitting in a lawnchair in his frontyard when Sephiroth walked by.Tseng just picked his gun up off the ground and shot Sephiroth in the nuts.He then sipped his lemonade with the little umbrella thingie.

Vincent vs Mr Popo

Mr Popo had just finished putting his turban together until Vincent walked by.Vincent kicked Mr Popo's turban ,it got unraveled and it went flying over the horizon.Mr Popo broke out in tears.

Reno vs Squall

Reno and Squall were in a gunfight ,both hiding behind rocks and firing at each other until Squall decided to charge, at that moment Reno popped out from behind his rock and started firing at Squall's feet as he shouted "DANCE A$$ HOLE DANCE!!"eventually Squall got tired and got his toes shot off.ouch.

Squall vs Mr Popo

Squall saw Mr Popo trying to tape his Turban up so he went over to Mr popo and chopped his Turban up into little pieces.Mr Popo started to cry again.

Goku vs Sephiroth

Well goku was a proud member of the Anti-Sephiroth Foundation,and so he went to go beat up Sephiroth,He fired a Kamehameha at his Sword and melted it.Sephiroth ran away,to go buy another custom-made big sword.

Tseng vs Mr Popo

Tseng walked out his door and saw the dead seifer and he thought "cool beans".So when he saw Mr Popo walk by he popped his stupid turban (or whatever you want to call it)full of holes and laughed at the crying Mr Popo .

Vegeta vs Seifer

Vegeta walked up to the half dead Seifer, and shot a Kikou Ha at his head,and killed him

Squall vs Seifer

Squall saw seifer on the Turks' doorstep and kicked him a few times, and declared victory.

Tseng vs Seifer

The Turks were busy playing a game of poker until there was a knock on the door.It was Seifer with his mommy.Tseng just shot a barrage of bullets at the door and shot seifer right in the nuts.

Tseng vs Seifer

Tseng was traveling with his group of turks and he saw seifer playing in the park on the swings.He walked over to Seifer and kicked him in the face off the swing.Then Sifer went home to tell his mommy.The Turks just went off laughing.

Trunks vs Vejita

Well Vegita was walkin out the door of his house with his pritty pink shirt on when behind him he hears his son,Trunks,laughing his ass off.He walked over to trunks and asked him what was so funny.But Trunks kept laughing.So Vegeta took his boot and rammed it down Trunks' throat.

Vejita vs Mr Popo

Well Vejita and Mr Popo were having a game of tennis, until they got into an arguement if the ball went out or not.Well eventually Popo went to inspect where the ball had landed and at that moment Vegita threw his tennis racket at Popo and it got stuck up Popo's ass and he started walking around like he had some kind of BIG wedgie.ouch

Vegeta vs Squall

Vegeta just walked up to the beaten Squall and shot a Kikou Ha so far up his ass ,he wont be able to sit for a week

Squall vs Reno

Reno was busy polishing his gun when squall had decided to jump Reno.He snuck up behind him and jumped,but as soon as he jumped Reno had bent down to pick up a bullet and Squall went flying into a wall.

Trunks vs Vegita

Trunks used his ninjitsu skills to sucessflly defeat Vejita before he could even make a move.

Goku vs Mr Popo

Goku just walked over to the fallen Mr Popo stood on him and declared victory.

Mr Popo vs Reno

Mr Popo saw the battle(seen above)and went to go help Reno, Reno was Pissed though and instead of letting Mr Popo help him, he shot a Destructo Disc at him,cutting off Mr. Popo's arm.He Felt happy and wenthome to polish his gun.

Vincent vs Reno

While Reno was on his walk through the town,Vincent was hiding in a nearby alley.He waited for Reno to approach the alley, then jumped out and shouted "SOLAR FLARE"....,blinded, Reno aimlessly threw a destructo disc up in the air Thus cutting the ropes holding a Piano which plummeted down on him ,Knocking him unconsious.Vincent just laughed at the sight of all this.

Trunks vs Mr Popo

Trunks was feelin good and brave so he decided to fight Popo.He saw how Popo was a poor fighter , and took advantage of it.He snuck up behind Popo and Started humping his leg.Popo was surprized and he ran away,Thinking about what would have happened if he didnt notice the small thing humping his leg out the corner of his eye.

Puar vs Vincent

Vincent was walkin around lookin for a fight and he found one with Puar.He saw the cat and he thought"he cant beat me"and he was right.He smacked Puar around with his gun and walked away a happy Vincent.

Puar vs. Vegita

The evil flying kitty was just done taping his tail up,so he decided to attack someone who was somewhat weaker than him.Vegita saw the cat and how he felt all tough,and just laughed at him.This made Puar angry and he beat up Vegita with his Evil Flying Kitty moves.

Reno vs Goku

Reno was feelin cool in his suit and it got his hopes up ,cause he looked cool.So he was fellin all cool so he decided he was cool enough to beat Goku.Him and goku fought until Goku threw him down the street into a garbage can,knocking him out.

Goku vs. Sephiroth

Goku saw sephiroth cut the poor cat's tail off so he decided to kick his ass.Before he could do anything,though, Sephiroth had ran away.

Sephiroth vs. Puar

Puar was floatin around the park when all of a sudden,sephiroth popped out of his trash can and cut the cat's tail off.This hurt like hell for Puar and he went home to tape his tail back on.

Mr. Popo vs.Goku

Mr. Popo was walkin down the street when he saw Goku.He thought he could beat him up so he decided to challenge him.They fought and fought until Popo finally tired.He decided not to attack so openly next time.