Ok. Not a major update like last week but its an update. Gameboy Advance codes and Nintendo 64 codes added/updated. So pretty much most of the Nintendo systems are gone except Gameboy. Also the Sony systems and release dates will be updated soon. Ciao. -2k





We've been gone for a while, but now we're back and better then ever. Incase you haven't heard we have two new members, Chippo the nut, and Wizardz of Re.  Of course the founders are still here, 2K and Myself (Shaft).  We've come back with a new look, new and improved menu, and better service to you, hopefully the page will take less time to load, and you can see recent news on the front page, as opposed to before.  It will take time, but eventually I will get the entire site re-done.  One way to get in touch with us is through the CP:U forum (there should be a link  in the middle left cell)  Where 2k and I moderate,  its a opportunity to get in touch with your fellow gamers and web designers alike, and to help others with problems they have, and share your knowledge.  Believe me there is no feeling out there similar to the one you get when you put something out there for everyone to see, not knowing how many people will get to use it, but it makes a difference as long as one does.

For the time being the Poll is down.  This could change, then again it might not.

Sadly, I have to announce one thing,  we had to let  one of our web designers go, Gamester2K, as he wasn't on for months at a time.

I'll stop babbling now and get to one last thing.  I am proud to announce that  recently the site has reached the long awaited 2000 hits that we here at CP:U have been waiting for, for a LONG TIME. -Shaft (4/1)

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