HTML Codes

If you know nothing about HTML and you are just starting well I am here to help you. If you just started with HTML read the Introduction below. If you are familiar with it then get copying ( copy the HTML). Just so you know only certain parts of the site are lifted off the stealing rule like this part. Have fun.-Dark

Flashy marquee:
<marquee scrollamount=80>text</marquee> 80 can be any number below 100.

Marquees with background:
<marquee bgcolor=color>text</marquee>

<hr> A straight line

To make a cool 3 part marquee: (Repeat for more sections)
<marquee bgcolor=yellow width=15%>Hello!</marquee><marquee bgcolor=lime width=15% direction=right>Hello!</marquee><marquee bgcolor=aqua width=15%>Hello!</marquee>

The AOL Locate me code:
<A HREF="aol://3548:YOUR SCREEN NAME">locate me</a>

A pop up thing just like the thing that asks for your name:
<SCRIPT language="Javascript">alert("Welcome!") </SCRIPT>

A pop-up that asks your name: <center>Hello, <script language="VBScript"><!-- Dim Name Name=InputBox("What is your first name?") document.write Name --></script>

To make a table with a double (or more) border, type this:
<table border=8 bordercolor=aqua><tr><td> <table border=6 bordercolor=lime><tr><td> <table border=4 bordercolor=blue bgcolor=white><tr><td> (this is where you write stuff if you're going to) </table></table></table>

Table with Background pic
<table border=6 bordercolor=lime background=IMAGE URL height=90><tr><td>Thanx <a href=>Laura</a> for the background!</table>

A 3 row table:
<table border=4 bordercolor=blue><tr><td bgcolor=white> <font color=blueviolet>Text</tr> <tr><td bgcolor=blueviolet> <font color=white>Text<tr><td bgcolor=white> <font color=blueviolet>Text</table>

A table with 2 columns and a border:
<table border=0 cellspacing=5 cellpadding=7 bgcolor=blueviolet> <tr><td bgcolor=aqua> <font color=magenta>Text</td><td bgcolor=lime> <font color=dodgerblue>Text</td></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=magenta> <font color=aqua>Text</td><td bgcolor=dodgerblue> <font color=lime> Text</tr></td></table>

3 column table:
<table border=4><tr><td bgcolor=blue><font color=lime>Text</td> <td bgcolor=lime><font color=blue> Text</td><td bgcolor=blue> <font color=lime>Text</table>

A table with a background:
<table border=2 bordercolor=lime background=""> <tr><td>~*~More HTML Help~*~</table>

To make a table with a double (or more) border, type this:
<table border=5 bordercolor=lime cellspacing=0><tr><td> <table border=5 bordercolor=blue bgcolor=white cellspacing=0> <tr><td>text text text </table></table>

A really cool border for tables
<table border=8 bordercolorlight=dodgerblue bordercolordark=yellow><tr><td bgcolor=white> Blah blah blah blah blah</table>

An "Thanx For coming" code
<TABLE BORDER="0" WIDTH="500" STYLE="filter:glow(color=a color, strength=a number 1-10)"> <TR><TD><center><font color=color size=5>Thanx for coming!</TABLE></DIV>

Music on your site:
<table border=2><tr><td><embed src="midi url" width="140" height="25" loop="true" autostart="true" controls="smallconsole"></tr></td></table>

Marquees can go right, left, up, or down!
<marquee direction=right, left, down, or up>text</marquee>

Block people from stealing stuff on your site :
<script language="javascript"> // No rightclick script // (c) 1998 barts1000 // function click() { if (event.button==2) { alert('Change this if you want') } } document.onmousedown=click </script>

A cool chat
<applet code=ChatTerRific width=250 height=130 codebase=""> <param name=fgcolor value="000080"><param name=bgcolor value="ffffff"> <param name=textcolor value="ffffff"><param name=title value="mad chatter"> <param name=key value="34289447">You'd be having more fun with a Java-enabled browser!</applet>

To make a cool textarea:
<textarea ROWS="5" COLS="25" style="background:blueviolet" style="font-family:tahoma" style="color:yellow"style="font-weight:bold" style="border style: solid">type in here!</textarea>

Different fonts:

Fonts that work on all browsers:
  • Arial
  • Courier New
  • Comic Sans MS
  • Impact
  • Snap ITC
  • Verdana
  • Wingdings

    Font sizes:
    <font size=#>
    You can use any number 1-6, 6=most.

    Font color:
    <font color=color>

    Some colors are:
  • Dodgerblue
  • Salmon
  • Blueviolet
  • Turquoise
  • Lime
  • Seagreen
  • Pink Royalblue
  • Yellow
  • Goldenrod
  • Coral
  • Burlywood
  • Firebrick
  • Forestgreen
  • Fuchsia
  • Indigo
  • Skyblue
  • Indianred,
    Olive, Peru, Orchid, Plum, Springgreen
  • Steelblue
  • Teal
  • Gray
  • Hotpink
  • Cornflowerblue.
    **NOTE: Adding light, medium, or dark often changes the color

    A button to click on:
    <INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Click here!" onClick='alert("Hi!")'></FORM>

    A link code, besides the expage way:
    <a href="the url">text</a>

    An email link:
    <a href="">text</a>

    An email with a subject!
    <a href=""> Click here to email me!</a>

    To make an animation/picture, type this, but try #'s until it fits!
    <table background="the url of the image" height="#" width="#"><tr><td></table>

    Body backgrounds (only works on expage on certain computers.)
    <body background="a url">

    Background that doesnt move when you scroll!
    <body background="url" bgproperties="fixed">

    A cool background changer:
    <a href="" onMouseOver="var bg = prompt('Put in a color!'); document.bgColor=bg">Wanna change the background?</a>

    A mouseover:
    <a href="" onMouseover="alert('TEXT here')">click here!</a>

    The EXPAGE code:
    <a href="the midi url">Click here to listen to blah blah!</a>



    To make a line, type this:
    <hr width=300>
    A line with color!
    <hr color=color>

    Line with width and color:
    <hr width=300 color=yellow>

    To make a drop down link list (You can repeat the "option value=blah" part for more links):
    <table border=4 bordercolor=blueviolet bgcolor=yellow cellspacing=0 width=130> <tr><td><center> <form name="gotolocation1" method="POST"> <select name="dropdown1" size=1> <option value=""> Sara's CyberWorld</option> </select> <input type="button" onClick="location = document.gotolocation1.dropdown1.options [document.gotolocation1.dropdown1.selectedIndex].value;" value="I wanna go there!"></table>

    There are 3 different kinds of cool lettering!
    <TABLE STYLE="filter:DropShadow, Glow, or Shadow(color=a color, strength=a number 1-10)"> <TR><TD><center>Thanx for coming!</TABLE></h5>

    Link button!
    <FORM METHOD="LINK" ACTION=""> <INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Main page"></FORM>

    A link button with color!
    <FORM METHOD="LINK" ACTION="URL here"> <INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Main Page!" ROWS=5 COLS=25 style="font-family:tahoma" style="border style:solid" style="background:aqua" style="color:blue"></FORM>
    To make something small!

    Cool code!
    <FORM><TEXTAREA NAME="text" ROWS=3 COLS=15></TEXTAREA> <center> <INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Pop it up!" onClick="alert(this.form.text.value)">

    A pop-up with cancel option:
    <SCRIPT language="JavaScript"> confirm("Are you sure you wanna come?") </SCRIPT>

    Enter the URL!
    <INPUT name="the_url" type="text" value="http://" size=30> <INPUT type="button" value="Go there!" onClick="window.location=this.form.the_url.value"> </FORM>

    Textarea that allows html!
    <ilayer name="scroll1" width=390 height=200 clip="0,0,475,200"> <div id="scroll3" style="width:100;height:75; background-color:blue;overflow:scroll"> <font face=Arial color=white>type any html in here! </textarea></div>

    To align text on different sides:
    <p align=left or right>Aligned right</p>

    Cool code!:
    <FORM><TEXTAREA NAME="text" ROWS=3 COLS=15></TEXTAREA> <center> <INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Pop it up!" onClick="alert(this.form.text.value)">

    Cool nifty lil thing!:
    <form>Yes.<input type="radio" onClick="alert('Yay!')"> No.<input type="radio" onClick="alert('Awww')">

    Do you like my site
    Yes. No.

    A cool marquee!

    <marquee bgcolor=cyan width=15%>Hello!</marquee> <marquee bgcolor=yellow width=15% direction=right>Hello!</marquee> <marquee bgcolor=white width=15%>Hello!</marquee>

    Words at the top part of your browser in expage (put in middle section) or the title on any other browser:
    <title>text here</title>

    How to make a cool banner in Paint, the program I use:
    **You don't have to do 1-5 if you have cool fonts already** 1. First, download some cool fonts at 2. You need WinZip to unzip the fonts, which you can get for free at 3. Once you download fonts, WinZip should open automatically 4. Find the font in the list, click Next a few times to Unzip it 5. Go to control panel (in settings, in start menu), then go to file, install font, and find it in your files ******************** 6. Open Paint (Start menu, Programs, Accesories, Paint) 7. Click the black A and drag the square, than type 8. If the text toolbar doesnt show up, go to view, text toolbar, then pick the font you want in the list. 9. Decorate it, color the text in with the bucket button 10. Crop it down by cutting and pasting with the top, right button (make a square around the pic, then move it to the most upper left corner) and move the edges of the white space so its as small as possible. 11. Save it, then upload it, using your homepage maker (expage, etc)

    To make "typewriter" font:


    To indent text:


    Linking to an AOL chat, must have AOL not AIM:
    <a href="aol://2719:2-2-CHATNAMENOSPACES/">come chat!</a>

    following text:
    <script language="javascript"> ticker ("THE SCRIPT GOES HERE"); </script>

    wierd stuff (NOTE:Not for macintosh people [:-(
    tounge 4 simley: alt 0222 :- ( Do not include the eyes and nose )
    Upside down question mark: alt 0191
    Upside down exclamation mark: alt 0161
    The funny s: alt 123456789
    the u with an apostraphe over it:alt 151
    the i with an apostraphe over it:alt 141
    a wierd thing:alt 15 ?
    wierd symbol:alt 159
    another wierd symbol like in pokemon: aly 157
    Paragraph symboly:alt 14789652
    Make a mixed a nd e:alt 145
    Make like a rewind button:alt 174
    Make like a foward button:alt 175
    Another wierd thing:alt 128
    Make a mixed and capital a and e:alt 146
    Make a dot:alt 1987321
    Make an o with an apostraphe over it:alt 149
    pounds:alt 156
    cents sign:alt 155
    wierd symbol:alt 1777
    Degrees symbol:alt 05552

    Making objects flash!:
    <BLINK>the text to blink</BLINK>

    To get Curlz mt font type:
    <font face="curlz mt">

    Hover Text-
  • For link:<a href=URL OF WEBSITE> TEXT HERE</a>

  • For e-mail-<a href=""> TEXT HERE</a>

  • For e-mails with subject-<a href="mailto:"> TEXT HERE</a>

    Automatic Re-Direction Link- (When you go to the site, it automatically waits a few seconds then goes to the next site)

    Link Button with color-
    <FORM METHOD="LINK" ACTION="URL HERE"> <INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="TEXT HERE" style="font-family:FONT HERE" style="border style:solid" style="background:COLOR HERE" style="color:COLOR HERE"> </FORM>

    Button with color hover-
    <applet code="fphover.class" codebase="" width=120 height=24> <param name="text" value="Click here"> <param name="COLOR" value="#dda0dd"> <param name="HOVERCOLOR" value="#9370db"> <param name="textcolor" value="#FFFFFF"> <param name="effect" value="glow"> <param name="url" value="URL GOES HERE!" valuetype="ref"> <param name="font" value="Dialog"> <param name="fontstyle" value="regular"> <param name="fontsize" value="10"></applet>

    Text area allowing HTML-
    <ilayer name="scroll1"clip="0,0,475,200"> <div id="scroll3" style="width:100;height:75; background-color:COLOR HERE;overflow:scroll"> TEXT HTML TEXT HTML</textarea></div>

    Background Music 2-
    <BGSOUND SRC="MIDI URL" AUTOSTART="true" HIDDEN="true" LOOP="infinite">

    Drop-Down Link Lists-
    <form name="gotolocation1" method="POST"> <select name="dropdown1" size=1> <option value="URL HERE"> TEXT HERE</option> <option value="URL HERE"> TEXT HERE</option></select> <input type="button" onClick="location = document.gotolocation1.dropdown1.options [document.gotolocation1.dropdown1.selectedIndex].value;" value="TEXT HERE">

    Cool code.
    <FORM><TEXTAREA NAME="text" ROWS=3 COLS=15></TEXTAREA> <center> <INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Pop it up!" onClick="alert(this.form.text.value)">

    Cool nifty lil thing.
    <form>Yes.<input type="radio" onClick="alert('Yay!')"> No.<input type="radio" onClick="alert('Awww')">

    A cool marquee.
    <marquee bgcolor=cyan width=15%>Hello!</marquee> <marquee bgcolor=yellow width=15% direction=right>Hello!</marquee> <marquee bgcolor=white width=15%>Hello!</marquee>

    Password-Asking Pop-Up-
    <HEAD> <SCRIPT language="JavaScript"> <!--hide var password;var pass1="PASSWORD GOES HERE"; password=prompt('TEXT ON P-UP',' ') ;if (password==pass1) alert('TEXT IF CORRECT'); else { window.location="URL OF PAGE THAT IT GOES TO IF THEY ANSWERED WRONG"; }//--></SCRIPT></HEAD>

    E-mail button

    Bulleted List-
    <li>TEXT<li>TEXT <li>TEXT<li>TEXT

    Text with Background
    <span style=background:COLORHERE> TEXT GOES HERE</span>
    Email Link
    <a href="mailto:screenname/emailaddress(no spaces)">
    Display HTML
    To Display HTML so that people can cut and paste it use a <xmp></xmp tag

    Introduction to HTML

    Ok for you beginners HTML are codes for websites. They Help boost up the look on your site, make it look neater, and it show you know your stuff on sites. When you put this (HTML) on your site, the program automatically excecute it and make it look like how it was programmed to be.

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