History of Site

Welcome to the history of the site. I, Omnicode411, will try and say it the most accurate as possible.

It all started about 5 years ago when my carrier became clear. For all of you who don't know who is speaking this is the Real Slim Shady (Omnicode411). To help people cheat there way through games. But at first my site was called Pokemon Tech School on expages. Between the period of my site getting popular and me switching over to angelfire Darkbolt87's carrier started (maybe same time as
me but I remember him from that period). His site was called Dark and Zelda (I can't truly remember) Gaming HQ.
Then I moved the site over to angelfire and it was renamed to Pokemon Tech
Yard. There is when my site became one of the most popular Pokemon sites but then dropped out. There my site
became huge but not the biggest. When I was doing that Xx GAMEPRO xX came with his site and it was called Brandon's Comics and Video Game Site I believe.
Also I believe that my site became affiliated to Darkbolt87. My site then made a move over to maxpages when I was debating between Pokemon Tech Yard and Codeman's Palace (I was debating on that because when the site was at angelfire my nickname on the net was Codeman because I always had a code). I finally met Xx GAMEPRO xX there when me and him became affiliated on our site. After almost a good year at maxpages I made the move over to angelfire which was the last move for that part. There it was called Codeman's Palace:The Future of Codes and then changed to Codeman's Palace:The Future of Codes Will Never Be The Same. There I met Margrave XI. He had no site unfortunately. Finally it came here to when my friends and I came together to make the best self-owned code site to hit the planet.