Wazup!!!! This is Margrave and here giving you all the affiliates.

Affiliate #1 - Wallz of Jericho
Wallz of Jericho
This site is pretty cool if you ask me. And I am not even a wrestling fan. These are one of the few wrestling sites worth looking at.

Affiliate #2 - Our Sister Site - Darks Gaming HQ
Darks Gaming HQ
Besides being our sister site this site is awesome with its Flash frames and all. It also has some codes but not as much as here. Plus the owner is none other then Dark who works here on the site.

Affiliate #3 - Cheater Masters 2
Cheater Master 2
Well this site is pretty good considering its on Those who been with me know it was a pain for me when I was on Nicely designed and of course it has codes. It is more specified on N64 and PSX cheats.

Yo. Wanna become our affiliate. Well first read the rules:
  • 1. NO Excesive bad language on your site. A few will be ok but no excesive bad language.
  • 2. NO Porn No porn what so ever. And there will be no exceptions. No matter how good of a friend you are to one of us or who you are (unless you pay a good hefty bribe).
  • 3. Finally You will need to have our link our banner up somewhere on your site. We don't care where just as long as we can find it.

    Now send us your link to Omnicode411 or to Margrave XI. It will take us a while to reply because we (Omnicode411 and Margrave XI) both have to check and decide. It may take 2-3 upon recieving for both of us to decide a final decission unless we are both on at the same time same day. Good luck. [:-)

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