Playstation 2 Codes

Madden NFL 2001
Infinite creation points
Create a player, then go to "Edit Player" at the roster screen. Press Up or Down to choose the player you want to edit. Press Right to get to the speed category. Press X, then press X again.

Touchdown celebrations
Hold one of the following button combinations immediately after scoring a touchdown to perform the corresponding touchdown celebration:

Hip thrust
Hold L1 + Square

Jump spike
Hold L1 + Circle.

Say a prayer
Hold L1 + Triangle.

Spike football
Hold L1 + X.

Shoulder shake
Hold L1 + R1.

Slam dunk
Hold L1 + R2.

Metal Gear Solid 2:Sons of Liberty
Hint: Reduce chance of being seen:
When guards and cameras are in your way, take your time and do not rush. Taking your time and thinking of all the ways of bypassing them is the best way of getting past the guard or camera.

Hint: Prevent reinforcements:
If you have been found, equip a small weapon and shoot their codec so no reinforcements can be called.

Hint: Enemies run away:
If you have been spotted, also try taking out your biggest gun. At times, your enemies may get scared and run.

Hint: Defeating enemies:
When faced with a single enemy, quickly go for his/or her radio or arm.

Hint: Using pipes:
When you see a guard next to a pipe ( which may be hot) shoot where you want the steam to hit your enemy. If the steam hits his leg, he will start to limp. If the steam hits his arm, he will be unable to use his gun or weapon. If the steam hits his radio he will be unable to call for back up.

Midnight Club:Street Racing
Use vehicles from Smuggler's Run
Insert a memory card with a saved game from Smuggler's Run to use vehicles from that game.
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