Playstation Codes

Harvest Moon:Back to Nature
Gameshark Codes
Infinite Lumber
80070D38 03E7
Infinite Watering Can
80071A88 0064
Infinite Chicken Feed
80070D40 03E7
Infinite Fodder
80070D3A 03E7
Infinite Fish Feed
80070D3E 03E7
Infinite Gold
80071A5C 967F
80071A5E 0098
Gold Earned
800711FC 967F
800711FE 0098
Gold Used
80071200 0000
800573E8 0000
80071A12 003C
0 Dead Animals
80127232 0000
10 Hearts For Dog
8012724C 000A
10 Hearts For Horse
80127258 000A
Popuri Has Red Heart
800786B4 FFFF
Elli Has Red Heart
80077298 FFFF
Karen Has Red Heart
800767A0 FFFF
Ann Has Red Heart
80076EF0 FFFF
Mary Has Red Heart
Tools at 400%
80071A40 FFFF
80071A42 FFFF
80071A44 FFFF
80071A46 FFFF
80071A48 FFFF
All Item Shipped
800711C4 03E7
800711C6 03E7
800711C8 03E7
800711CA 03E7
800711CC 03E7
800711CE 03E7
800711D0 03E7
800711D2 03E7
800711D4 03E7
800711D6 03E7
800711D8 03E7
800711DA 03E7
800711DC 03E7
800711DE 03E7
800711E0 03E7
800711E2 03E7
800711E4 03E7
800711E6 03E7
800711E8 03E7
800711EA 03E7
800711EC 03E7

Cheat menu
Go to the options screen from the main menu and select "Pad Config". Then at the pad configuration screen, hold R2 and press Right, Down, Right, Triangle, X. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Now start a game and pause. Use the "Cheat" selection from the menu to access God mode, weapons, keys, and other options.
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