Playstation Codes

Final Fantasy 7-
Unlimited items
This trick requires the W-Item materia. The materia is obtained after your party parachutes back into Midgar in Disc 3. After entering the subway tunnels in Sector 8, your party may walk away from the screen and encounter the Turks, or walk towards the screen to reach another subway section. Select the second choice and follow the subway tunnel until it ends at a dead end with the W-Item materia.

Equip the materia on the character with the item to be duplicated. When a battle begins, select the W-Item entry on the battle menu, select an unimportant item and use it on any character. On the second item choice, select the item to be duplicated by pressing Circle, then press X to cancel your selection and increase the number of that item in inventory. Repeatedly press Circle followed by X to accumulate 99 of the duplicated item. Note: This will only duplicate item selectable in battle and can not be used to duplicate the various sources, materia, weapons, or armor.

Refill HP
Cast Regen-All on your party, then quickly open the PlayStation lid when all opponents have been defeated. The game will be unable to load the victory screen, and may glitch while the HP for each party member fills. After everyone is at full health, close the lid to resume the game.

Easy Battle Square handicaps
During the "slot machine" handicap sequence, rapidly tap Square in the Battle Square section at Gold Saucer. The slots will slow down, allowing an easier selection of your handicap. Note: This trick will also work in a similar manner with Cait Sith's limit break.

Easy Chocobo races
While racing a Chocobo, hold R1 + R2 to slowly restore energy.

Cast magic three times at an opponent
Have all characters with Reflect status. Then, cast any attack spell on all three of your characters. The spell will bounce three times into the enemy, each with the attack power of a full spell.

Final Fantasy 8-
No random battles
Use the following methods to never have any random battle outside of towns: rent a car for 3,500 gil, walk on train tracks, walk on paved roads, or get Diablos' No Encounter ability.

Free Potions
You can get free Potions in Timber Town. Get Rinoa in the party, then go to the bridge where you saw the guards. Keep returning until a man appears. Talk to him, then talk to him a second time to receive a Potion. Leave the screen and return until he appears again and repeat.

Easy Ability Points
Go to Cactaur Island and earn 20 AP for each Cactaur that is defeated in battle. Cactaur Island is the small island covered by a desert.

Easy Experience Points
Display the world map and travel to the left-most island. It contains powerful monsters that can easily level up your characters after battles.

Final Fantasy 9
Black Jack mini-game
Successfully complete the game. Once the credits finish and "The End" screen appears, press R2, L1, R2, R2, Up, X, Right, Circle, Down, Triangle, L2, R1, R2, L1, Square(2). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Press Start to begin playing the Black Jack mini-game.

Jump rope mini-game
Have Vivi approach the girls jumping rope near the ticket both in Alexandria. Talk to them and they will let Vivi join them. Press X when the symbol appears over Vivi's head to jump. Keep jumping successfully to get Gil, rare cards, and other items.

Other endings
End the game with the "Zeus Hammer" and/or the "Save The Queen" in your inventory to get additional endings.

Infinite MP
Have Amarant in your party and make sure he has learned the Chakra skill. Also, the minimum MP needed for this trick to work is 4 MP. Enter a battle and have Amarant cast Chakra on himself. For 4 MP, he will restore MP equivalent to about 20% of his maximum MP. Continually cast it until you have reached your maximum MP. You can also do this to all other characters in the party as well.

Easy AP
Walk around in the darkness for awhile in the field and forests around the town that has the auction house and lady who collects the zodiac signs. You will encounter a ghost. Give it some ore and you will win the battle, resulting in 10 AP.

Easy experience
Use Quina's level 5 Death spell against the level 60 Grand Dragons on the outside of Gizamalike's Grotto for around 8,800 experience per person. Equip the quick level gain support ability (level up) for even more. Also, remember to take Coral Rings to protect against the Dragon's Thundaga spell.

Ragtime Mouse
If you find the Ragtime Mouse (it resides in wooded areas) and properly answer its questions, you can earn some extra Gil. Answer by choosing either "True" or "False". The mouse will then give you Gil in return for each correct answer, as well as keep track of your percentages. Some locations the Ragtime Mouse have been known to inhabit include Gunitas Basin, Lindblum Plateau, Bentini Heights, Lucid Plains, Pualei Plains, and Alexandria Plateau. The rewards for correct answers in a row are:

  • Question 1: 1,000 Gil
  • Question 2: 1,000 Gil
  • Question 3: 1,000 Gil
  • Question 4: 2,000 Gil
  • Question 5: 2,000 Gil
  • Question 6: 3,000 Gil
  • Question 7: 3,000 Gil
  • Question 8: 4,000 Gil
  • Question 9: 4,000 Gil
  • Questions 10: 5,000 Gil

    Some questions the Ragtime Mouse have been known to ask include:

  • The 15th Lindblum War started in 1600? (False)
  • Chocobo Forest is located between Lindblum and South Gate? (False)
  • The Theather Ship Prima Vista was built in Artania Shipyards? (False)
  • "I Want to Be Your Canary" was written by Lord Afon? (False)
  • Lindblum Castle is larger than Alexandria Castle? (True)
  • Lindblum's air cabs operate around the clock? (True)
  • Some Mus are friendly and don't attack? (True)
  • Berkmea Cable Cars have been running for eight years? (True)
  • Fossil Roo is a tunnel that connects Treno and Alexandria? (False)
  • Theater Ship Prima Vista uses Mist as its source of energy? (True)

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