Playstation Codes

Digimon World-
Game Shark Codes
Infinite Offense 801557E0 03E7
Infinite Defense 801557E2 03E7
Infinite Speed 801557E4 03E7
Infinite Brains 801557E6 03E7
Infinite Bits 80134EB8 FFFF
Infinite HP 801557F0 270F 801557F4 270F
Infinite MP 801557F2 270F 801557F6 270F
Perfect Balance of Happy and Discipline 8013848A 0065 80138488 0030
Press Circle to Complete the Game D0135450 FFDF 80134EB4 0003
Press Square to Lay Cable D0135450 FF7F 80138460 FFFF

Dune 2000-
Full map
Go to the sidebar and press X when selecting "Square", "Circle", "X", "Triangle", "Triangle", "Square".

Game Shark Codes
Infinite Spice 800E091C FFFF
Max Spice 800E091C 967F 800E091E 0098
Instant Build Structures 800E0632 5A00
Building Structures Cost Nothing 800E062C FFFF
Instant Build Units 800E0642 5A00
Building Units Cost Nothing 800E063C FFFF
Instant Upgrade 800E06E2 59FF

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