PC Codes

Oddworld 2: Abe's Exoddus
Level select
At the main menu, hold [Shift] and press the following cursor keys: [Down] [Right] [Left] [Right] [Left] [Right] [Left] [Up].

View FMV sequences
At the main menu, hold [Shift] and press the following cursor keys: [Up] [Left] [Right] [Left] [Right] [Left] [Right] [Down].

Path skip
While playing a game, hold [Shift] and press the following cursor keys: [Left] [Right] [Up] [Down] [Left] [Right].

After completing the game you can enable the cheat mode. During the game you can hit the F1 button and enter:
LIVEFOREVER = god mode
SHAPESHIFTER = change characters with F8
TOUCHOFDEATH = Omnipotence
CANTTOUCHTHIS = unstoppable
FATLOOT = ammo + health
GLASSWORLD=glass furniture
WINLEVEL = win level
BIGHEAD = big heads!
MINIME = mini mode
SUPERAMMO = super ammo mode
RESERVOIRDOGS = Bad guys fight with each other
ROUGHJUSTICE = gatling guns mode!
CHENILLE = daodan power mode
BEHEMOTH = GodzillaTM mode
ELDERRUNE = regeneration
MOONSHADOW = phase cloak
MUNITIONFRENZY = weapons locer created
FISTSOFLEDGEND = Fists of Legend mode
KILLMEQUICK = Ultra mode
CAROUSEL = slow motion
THEDAYISMINE = Developer mode!

Using Developer Mode Once you activate Developer Mode (using "thedayismine" code), press the buttons below to get the desired effect:

F8: Cycle through your all weapons
F9: Begin recording
F10: Stop recording
F11: Play back what you've recorded
Control-Shift-B: Display your opponent's logic
Control-Shift-G: Toggle slo-mo on/off
Control-Shisft-S: Toggle textures
Control-Shift-Y: Display current frame rate
Type "ai2kill": Kill all nearby enemies
Type "chr_nocollision1": Toggle no clipping mode on
Type "chrnocollision0": Toggle no clipping mode off
Type "dump_docs": Display console commands
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