PC Codes

Europa Universalis-
Cheat Codes
Europa Universalis has a plethora of cheat codes, but they all get entered in the same place. Push F12 during gameplay, then type one of the following phrases to get the corresponding cheat:
difrules: God Mode
richelieu: Brings all military units under your control.
oranje: Sets Stability to +3.
cortez: Gets rid of Natives.
alba: Gets rid of Revolts.
pappenheim: Turns Fog of War On/Off.
columbus: Explores every Province.
gustavus: Increases level of Land Technology.
drake: Increases level of Naval Technology.
cromwell:Increases the level of the Infrastructure.
polo: Increases the level of Trade.
tilly: The computer won't declare war.
montezuma: Adds 50000 Ducats to your Treasury.
pocahontas: Adds 10 Colonists.
vatican: Add 10 Diplomats.
dagama: Adds 10 Merchants.
swift: Adds 10,000 people to your Capitol Province.
peterthegreat: Limits troops.
russianhordes: Adds cannon fodder.
shogun: Closing Japan.
luther: Starts Reformation Effects.
calvin: Starts John Calvin Effects.
trent: Starts Council of Trent Effects.

Trigger Specific Events
During gameplay, press F12, then enter: event [#]. Inside the brackets, put the number corresponding to the Event you wish to unlock. Events are as follows:

1: Creates random revolt in province
2: Creates random revolt in colony
3: Creates religious revolt
7: Religion
8: Heretics
9: Death
10: Excellent
11: Insanity
12: Scandal
13: Gift
14: Gold lost
15: Obscuritism
16: Except year
17: Colonist
18: Demand
20: Bank
21: Stock Exchange
22: Trade Company
23: Closure of port
24: Diplomacy
25: Pressure
26: Col Dyn
27: Inventions
28: Merchants
29: Sea charts stolen
30: Plague
31: Naval disaster
32: Dessertion
33: Land tech
34: Naval tech
35: Enthusiastic army
36: Enthusiastic navy
37: Annex
38: Agriculture
39: Fire
40: Good government
41: Poor government
42: Unhappy clergy
43: Unhappy artists
44: Unhappy peasants
45: Unhappy merchants
46: Mineral
47: Crisis
48: Corruption
49: Deflation
50: Dip insult
51: Favored trade union
52: Industrial development
53: New center of trade
54: Trade restrictions
55: Fortification
56: Explorer
57: Conquistador
58: Explorer with ship
59: Conquistador and 1000 troops in random city

Extreme G 2-
Cheat Codes
Enter one of the following names before racing to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Infinite nitros NITROID
Infinite weapons MISTAKE
Infinite weapon and shield energy XCHARGE
Better weapons on tracks MISPLACE
Turbo mode XXX
WipeOut mode 2064
Random circuit tracks JUGGLE
Quarter screen display FLICK
Remove screen fog PIXIE
Wireframe graphics LINEAR
Overhead view SPYEYE
Spiraling screen SPIRAL

Level passwords
Level Password
Critical Mass (Hard difficulty) SRG94CCFW7LH