PC Codes

Civilization 2-
Cheat Mode
During the game, enter one of the following hotkeys to activate the corresponding cheat.

Effect Hotkey
Change attitude of council (and time) [Ctrl] + [Shift] + T
Edit unit (except unit type) [Ctrl] + [Shift] + U
Update thrown room Q

Omnipotent Power
Hold shift and press 1 2 3 4 5 6 then release shift and press T. that should give you complete vision over the entire map, and you can click in enemy towns and look around, as well as un-fortify units, making them easier to kill. this will screw up the map, but ignore that. this code CAN be turned off, just do the same this you did before.

Rename Enemy City
To easily change an enemy city's name all you have to do is to send a spy into one of their cities and choose investigate city. Then simply pick rename. The city will be renamed and won't change unless you decide to rename it again.

Use Enemy City
Infiltrate your enemy's cities. Press "V" and move diagonally into an enemy city and press ENTER. You can now change the city's productivity and disband unit.

Command and Conquer-
Cheap construction
Begin building a structure without enough money for completion. Then before construction stops, press R to surrender due to lack of money, but do not complete the surrender command. Wait a few minutes, then select the "Cancel" option. Now the structure will be half-completed. Note: This only works in versions earlier than v1.22p.

Free minigunners
Use the following procedure to sell the indicated buildings for free minigunners: For the GDI missions, sell a Guard Tower or Advanced Guard Tower. For the NOD missions, sell a SAM site or Obelisk Guard Tower (Obelisk of Light). First, select the "Sell" button in the Sidebar. Then, use the Left Mouse Button to sell the building. Use the Right Mouse Button to activate the selection cursor. Use the Left Mouse Button to select the building and press S. Note: This only works in versions earlier than v1.22p

Command and Conquer:Red Alert-
20,000 ore
To get 20,000 ore type iamarichboy. -MISHIJOSCH

Full Heal
Note:For Windows 95 only!. Type 5555555 to repair all your units to full health. note: this will only work if you have a medic! -MISHIJOSCH

When do a little practice or experiment on Skirmish mode press F10 + g, then type westwood, then type holy. All of your men will be invincible.

Command and Conquer:Red Alert 2
Invincible Demolition Trucks
Build five or six Demolition Trucks and have a fully charged Iron Curtain ready. Drive the Demolition Trucks into an enemy base and engage the Iron Curtain on them before enemy weapons can hit them. The Demolition Trucks will not explode until they reach the target.

Trojan bus
When playing as the Soviets, use a Yuri to mind control a school bus. Load five infantry units into the bus and drive it inside an enemy base. The Allies will not fire on the bus.

  • When playing in Skirmish mode, you will recognize that the computer will never build advance units. It just concentrate on 1.Grizzly Tanks or Rhino Heavy Tanks, 2.Conscripts or GIs, and 3.Superweapons. So to limit them if you are that good take off superweapons and now there is only two things to worry about but with superweapons they will highly never even think that units exist.

  • In campaign mode the computer will never bum rush you (on most occasions) until you take to long and go past par time or you have to survive for sometime. So I suggest before even thinking of bum rushing the computer you have better get a good defense just in case it fails (which knowing how good you people are you won't heh heh).

    Command and Conquer:Tiberium Sun-
    Unlimited Firestorm Wall
    This trick allows a fully charged Firestorm Wall to last indefinitely without having to turn it off to recharge. First, fully charge your Firestorm Wall and turn it on. Then before it turns off or runs out of power, sell or turn off your power plants until the message "On Hold" appears in the Firestorm Icon. Your Firestorm Wall will now remain on indefinitely unless you build or turn on your power plants. Note: This trick works with the original, unpatched game. However, this trick does not work in the patched versions of the game.

    Hijacking vehicles
    Take a Mutant Hijacker into a city, find a car, truck or a bus, and select it. Then you will have control over the vehicle. They can be used as transports.

    Control NOD ore processor and mining vehicle
    Note: Try this trick on the "Destroy Chemical Tanks" GDI mission. Position an engineer next to the NOD ore processor and wait for the mining vehicle to dock with the structure before capturing it. You will get control of the building and the vehicle.

    Kill a Cyborg Commando in with one hit
    Note: This trick requires the ability to build a GDI Firestorm Wall Generator and Firestorm Wall sections. Fortify your base and develop it until you have the option to build a Firestorm Wall and sections. Then, build Firestorm Walls across any sections where an enemy can get into your base. When a Cyborg Commando is over one of those sections, turn on the Firestorm Wall Generator to kill it easily.

    Baby Visceriods
    Order an infantry unit into tiberium until the soldiers die to create baby Visceroids. Note: The Visceroids are not friendly after becoming adults.

    Adult Visceroids
    When playing as NOD, launch a chemical weapon into the enemy base that has a lot of surrounding population. The people will die and turn into adult Visceroids, which will then destroy the base. They are even a threat if the enemy has an Obelisk Of Light.

    Easy building capture and profit
    When playing as NOD, purchase some subterranean APCs and fill them with engineers and a Cyborg Commando. Take the APCs within their base and pop up next to something important (GDI Upgrade Center, Tiberium Refinery, etc.). Have your engineers pour out and have them take it over. The commando will protect the building that you capture. Should he fail, sell the building for an easy profit.

    Winning with an air assault
    The easiest way towards victory using an air assault is to take out the SAM sites. However, when you bomb SAM sites they just re-appear. When playing as NOD, purchase some subterranean APCs and fill them with engineers. Send them to the opposing teams base maker, take over the base maker, and quickly sell it. If the other team is NOD, you will first have to disable their power plants.

    Easy way to destroy enemies
    Build a Tiberium Waste Facility and a Missle Silo. Then when your Chemical Missile is ready, wait for your Tiberium Waste Facility to fill up again. When it does, fire your Multi-Missle at your opponent's Construction Yard, which should destroy it. Then, fire your Chemical Missile at the Weapons factory. It may not be destroyed, but you will have another Chemical Missile ready. Also fire that missile at the Weapons Factory, which should finish its destruction. The enemy cannot build any more, or build vehicles. The Chemical Missile should make all surrounding troops Viceroids. The Viceroids will destroy most of the surviving buildings.

    Protection from NOD ballistic missiles
    For GDI commanders, the Firestorm Wall can be used as protection against NOD ballistic missiles. The walls should be placed above the base and/or in the general direction of the enemy base. They can have spaces in between to save on power and money. The Firestorm building should be fully charged. Turn on the wall when you hear the "missile launch detected" warning. If you have nothing else to do, you can watch the missile dissipate in the Firestorm Wall. Note: This was done with a base at the bottom of the map. It may work differently if your base is elsewhere. Also, do not send your aircraft through the Firestorm Wall while it is activated because they will be automatically be destroyed.

    Tiberium vein damage
    Tiberium veins will damage most vehicles, except for the following: NOD Buggy, Wolverine and Hover MLRS. This makes them excellent units for scouting vein areas. Veins also have no effect on infantry and Harvesters.

    Artillery Tricks
    If you are playing a Multiplayer Skirmish, build up about 10-20 artillery. Take them into the enemy base(s), deploy them, and reek havoc on the enemy base. If the enemy is Nod and they have a Stealth Generator, Bring in a Mobile Sensor Array along with the artillery.

    Better Resolution
    NOTE: With this code you are messing with the programming of the game. You might screw the whole thing up if you're not careful. To get better resolution find the folder that TIBERIAN SUN is in, double click on the folder and find a file called SUN.ini, open it and go down to where it says [Video]. In that you should see somthing like this: ScreenWidth= ScreenHeight= StretchMovies= go to ScreenWidth= and change the number to: 1024 then go to ScreenHeight= and change the number to: 768, finally go to StretchMovies= and enter: no This will only work if the max resolution on your monitor is 1024 x 768 or higher.

    Demolition truck
    Take a harvester and fill it with blue tiberium, then put it in your enemy's base. I usually put it beside a building and then when they destroy it, it will blow up the building

    Disk Thrower Tricks
    Send a group of D.T's and place them just out of the range of a laser/component tower and line them up with the defense structure. Force fire in front of the structure and the disks will bounce into the structure. Even though its not as accurate, the laser/tower won't shoot you. You can use this in many situations to increase the attack range of your Disk Throwers. Tell a Disc thrower to force fire someplace. Then when he is about to throw tell him to fire across the map and he Will. Those Arms must really be good.

    Free GDI Repairs on Upgrade-able Buildings
    When playing as GDI, you can build structures that can be upgraded, ie. power plants. If a structure that can be upgraded is damaged and you build the add-on for that structure, ie. power turbine, the structure will be fully repaired. The only money that you will lose is the money that you spent on the upgrade.

    Special GDI ending
    Leave the NOD's "Temple of NOD" until the very end and make sure your ion cannon destroys it. You will get the special ending.

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