Nintendo 64 Codes

Ready 2 Rumble Boxing:Round 2-
Unlock Characters
The more times you beat the game; the more characters become available to you. The following is a list of characters and when they become available to play.

Freak E. Deke
Michael Jackson
G.C. Thunder
Wild "Stubby" Corley
Shaquille O'Neal
Freedom Brock
Rocket Samchay
Bill Clinton
Hillary Clinton

Resident Evil 2-
At the load game screen, press Down(4), Left(4), L, R(2), L, C-Up, C-Down. If you entered the code correctly, the game will return to the main menu.

Infinite ammunition
At the load game screen, press Up(4), Right(4), L, R, L, R, C-Right, C-Left. If you entered the code correctly, the game will return to the main menu.

Bonus weapons
Successfully complete either character's first scenario in under two hours and thirty minutes with an A or B ranking for the rocket launcher with infinite ammunition. Successfully complete either character's second scenario in under two hours and thirty minutes hours with an A or B ranking for the gatling gun with infinite ammunition. Successfully complete either character's second scenario in under three hours with an A or B ranking for the machine gun with infinite ammunition. Note: The bonus weapon will appear in the next game after the first chest is opened.

Alternate uniforms
Start a game on the normal difficulty setting. Then, go to the police station without collecting any items. Quickly move past the zombie that appears in the alley near the police station. Collect the shotgun, then kill the zombie. Take the special key from the zombie's body and go to the dark room to open the lockers with alternate uniforms. Claire has a single alternate uniform, with a quick shooting revolver. Leon has two alternate uniforms, one of which will allow him to shoot with one hand.

Road Rash 3D
Unlimited 2X damage :
Press L(4), R(4) at the menu screen.

Unlimited 4X damage:
Press L(2), R(2), L, C-Up, C-Right, Z at the menu screen.

Display debug information:
Press C-Right(2), C-Left(2), L, Z, C-Left, C-Up at the menu screen.

All weapons:
Press C-Up(4), C-Down, L, C-Left, Z at the menu screen for all weapons in thrash and multi-player modes. Alternately, press C-Up(3), C-Down, L, C-Left, Z.

Press C-Down, C-Right, C-Up, C-Left, Z(2), L, C-Left at the menu screen.

Super fast bikes:
Press C-Up, C-Left(2), C-Right, L, R, C-Down, Z at the menu screen.

All bikes and tracks:
Press C-Up, C-Left(2), C-Right, L, R, C-Down, Z at the menu screen.

Insanity level:
Press C-Up, C-Left, C-Left, C-Right, L, R, C-Down, Z at thrash mode.

Be The Cop mode:
Press Z, C-Left, C-Down, C-Left, Z, L, R, C-Down at the menu screen.

Girl biker:
Press C-Right, C-Left, Z, L, R, C-Up at the menu screen.

Quick start:
Hold A at the beginning of a race to get a faster start.

Alternate bike and racer colors:
Press Up or Down at the bike selection screen in any mode.

Stay on the ground:
Hold L after falling off your bike to remain on the ground.

Hint: Avoid sharp turn crashes:
Press A after most sharp turns to balance out your bike.

Hint: Avoid car crashes:
Hold A just before hitting a car to perform a wheelie and use the car as a ramp jump. Note: This maneuver will not work on log trucks or big rigs.

Hint: Safe landing:
If you get knocked high in the air and are spinning wildly, repeatedly tap B to straighten out for a better landing.

Hint: Stay on your bike:
When you are about to crash rapidly and repeatedly press A + B to have a better chance of landing on your wheels. After getting launched high in the air, you have a better chance of staying on your bike by reducing your speed while in the air to zero and releasing the brake once your bike hits the ground. Information in this section was contributed by Blipy.

Hint: More height on jumps:
When you jump over cars or other objects, you will get more height if you wheelie and release the throttle before you jump.

Hint: Do donuts:
Hold Z, hold B, then press the Analog-stick Right and keep tapping B button until the bike begins a donut. Then, hold B. This works best with fast bikes.

Hint: Big bikes:
Successfully complete all the races on big game mode to unlock two big bikes that can go over 300 mph. Information in this section was contributed by Skyscraper.

Hint: Shortcut and 4X power-up:
Begin racing on level five, race three. Note the sharp turn sign in front of a red and blue striped building, about halfway through the city. Right after that point there is a hole in a building with dark green around it on the right side of the screen. Go through it for a shortcut. There is a 4X power-up inside the shortcut. Be careful, as there are goal posts from a football stadium right when you go through the hole. Note: This may not be done in multi-player mode.

Hint: Beat Down level:
Ride through the grass in the Beat Down level. The police will ignore your biker and stop everyone else.

Hint: Disable cop:
Pop a wheelie when you see a cop waiting on the shoulder to knock him out.

Hint: Disable opponents:
Once you receive the taser, mace, or cattle prod, then you can employ the following strategy. Once the race begins, use either the mace, taser, or cattle prod on the other bikers. Once you do that, quickly press C-Right to punch them, but you will still have the weapon selected. This will cause them to veer off the road and perhaps hit a car or other obstacle. This is very effective when there are cops around, since this will allow them to easily bust the other bikers while they are disabled.

Hint: Football stadium:
There is a football stadium in race 3 on level 5. It is in the city part of the race. As you are about to go around a turn, there is a little hallway which is difficult to see. Go through the hallway to enter an enclosed football stadium. Note: Do not go in too fast or you will hit the field goal post.

Hint: Steal weapons:
Get your weapon to your hand during game play, then hold C-Right until someone tries to hit you with their weapon. If you are lucky, you will steal their weapon and get to use it on opponents. You will also get a "Master Thief" rating on your rap sheet if you steal a weapon.

Hint: Rush Hour level shortcut:
Ride through the grass just before the really big turn on the Rush Hour level. If you stay on your bike, the panel below the health meter will say "Cheat Much?" and you will be at least 100 m ahead of your opponents.

Hint: Late hits:
At the end of the race, pull up next to one of your opponents (or wait until one of your opponents pulls up next to you). You can hit them with weapons and knock them off their bikes without them trying to fight back. What you do here will also count on your rap sheet and give you a larger combat bonus. Note: Using the mace, taser, or cattle prod does no damage to the opponents -- it just makes them lose control of their bikes. Hitting them multiple times with one of those weapons after the race is very useful, as it gives you a huge combat bonus --and the little dance they do when hit with the taser/cattle prod can be quite amusing.

Hint: 4x multiplier in plane level:
When you are in a level and you see an airplane on the ground, a ramp will appear on the left side of the road. When you see the ramp, go up it to find a 4X multiplier sign. Get it and keep going. Then, look at the top left corner of the screen. On top of the weapon select there should be a 4X sign. When you hit somebody now, they will crash on the first hit - however this lasts a limited amount of time.

Glitch: Multi-wheelies:
Select a three or four player thrash game. When the starting timer reaches two, have all players hold Z + A simultaneously. If done correctly, all the bikes will pop a wheelie and freeze the game

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