Nintendo 64 Codes

Quake 64-
Debug mode
Enter "QQQQ QQQQ QQQQ QQQQ" as a password and ignore the "Incorrect Password" message. Then, a "Debug" selection will appear on the option menu. Level select, all weapons, invincibility, and monster targeting may now be accessed.

No clipping mode
Enter "NOCLIP" as a password to pass through walls.

Quake 2-
Twists level
Enter "FBBC VBBB FBBC VBF7" as a password. This is a deathmatch level with a 1:40 time limit and rocket launcher. Enter "FLBC ZBBB FLBC ZBB9" to play the level on the medium difficulty setting or "FVBS LBBB 7VBC 3BB5" to play on the hard difficulty setting.

Infinite ammunition in multi-player mode
Enter "S3T1 NF1N IT3S H0TS" as a password. Note: This code also allows higher jumps.

Low gravity in multi-player mode
Enter "S3TL 0WGR VITY ????" as a password.

Additional costume colors
Enter "S3TC 00LC 0L0R S???" as a password

Quest 64-
Restore health
Go to a hotel and say you will stay the night. Then, go to the save screen and press B to escape. Now you will have full health.

Double attack
Get within striking distance of the staff during combat. Choose any spell, then press A. You will now hit the enemy with your staff and the elements in a single turn.

Finding Elements When looking for Elements on your journey, look for "bubbles" shooting out of the ground. They resemble smoke shooting out of the ground from a distance. When this location is approached, a question mark will appear. Tap A, and the Element selection menu will appear. Then, just choose the type of Element you wish to build.

Element stone in the hay
After you leave the castle, turn left and go to the stable with the horse. There is an element stone in the hay pile.

Avoiding enemy magic
There is little time to dodge an enemy spell in battle. Hold the Analog-stick over while the enemy is casting a spell. By the time the spell arrives, your character should be out of the way. Note: Practice is required with this trick, since it does not automatically work all the time.

Avoiding Earth-based magic
Run towards any monster that uses Earth-based magic while they are attacking. They always miss if Brian is close enough to the monster. Since their stone attacks are more powerful then their physical attacks, this strategy will also conserve hit points.

Easy Zelse battle
When facing Zelse in the battle for the Wind Jade, Brian can avoid his second attack by standing six or seven steps away from him. When in this position, Brian will be able to easily outrun his attack.

Easy Boss battles
Before facing Bosses such as Guilty, Begis, or Mammon, collect as many Dragon potions as possible. During the battle with the Boss, use the Magic Barrier spell under Earth magic. Brian will be protected against magic attacks, allowing him to attack the Boss without harm. Use the Dragon potions to restore MP to cast the spell again when it wears off.

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