Macintosh Codes

Dinopark Tycoon-
999 food
Press [Apple] + 1 during game.

Cheat the Auction
Auction off one of your dinos. Attend the auction. When your dino comes up, bid for it, then go to the dino information screen. Hit cancel there, and you will be able to bid again. You can keep doing this until someone bids higher.

Find Money
For easy money go to the realtor and buy real estate. Then go to the general store and buy a chain-linked fence. Leave the store and come back. You will find that your net worth has been increased by $10,000!

Profit from Real Estate
The easiest way to make money is to purchase real estate from the realtor... and then return it! You’ll cash in on escalating property values.

Duke Nukem 3D-
Cheat Codes
To activate a code, quickly type its name preceded by the initials “DN”. For example, to activate Allen Mode, you would type “DNALLEN”.
Code Effect
Allen Displays, “Buy Major Stryker” message
Ammo Full ammo
Beta Displays, “Pirates Suck” message
Cashman Press [Spacebar] for money
Clip Walk through walls
Coords Display coordinates
Cornho Toggle God Mode
Debug Activate Debug Menu
Ending View ending
Hyper Consume steroids
Inventory Give everything but weapons
Items All items (including keys)
Keys All keys
Kroz God Mode
Major Infinite fuel for Jetpack
Monsters All monsters disappear, reappearing upon re-entry.
Rate Display frame rate
Scottyab Level Skip, where a is the Episode and b is the level #
Showmap Reveal entire map on Map Screen.
Skillx Change difficulty, where x is between 0 and 4
Stuff All Items
Todd Displays, “Register Cosmo Today” message
Unlock Toggle door locks
View Toggle third person view
Weapons All weapons with ammunition

Diablo 2
Retrieving items after death:
Save and exit the game after dying. Restart the game, and your corpse will be in town, allowing you to retrieve your possessions.

Gain money and items quickly:
Travel past the Blood Moor and look for a cave. The cave has two levels, with a golden chest somewhere at the second level. Inside are usually health potions, mana potions, scrolls of town portal or identify, unidentified weapons and armor, and sometimes even a rare item that can be sold for a great deal of money. If you identify the item and it is something that you do not want, sell it. Save and exit the game. The next time the game is loaded, the chest will still be there with different items. This can be done as many times as needed. After completing the quest to save Cain, reload the game, then use the Stony Fields waypoint to do the quest again. There are always magic monsters here that will give you items.

More money for items:
Identify or repair items before selling them.

Using items in Act 1 for Necromancers:
Because gems in the beginning of the game are usually more precious than any unique/rare item you may find, get a socketed bardiche and fill it with chipped or flawed rubies or sapphires. For boots and gloves, try to go for + to gold from enemies because gold in Act 1 will allow you to buy useful items in Act 2. For rings and amulets, lean towards + to life Mana or Attack ratings. For armor and helm, try to get the best defense. However if you find something that has kicking abilities, do not hesitate to sacrifice the few defense points in difference. For belts, the more slots the better. In skills, + to strength. In abilities, +2 raise skeleton, +1 to amp damage, +2 to clay golem, + 1-2 to bone armor.

Change enemies:
If enemies in a certain area, such as Hell, are too tough restart the game. Enemies such as Flesh Spawners, Stygian Hags, and the Hell beetles can spawn dozens of creatures in seconds. After restarting (exit, save, load, and play), check the area and repeat if needed. The Hell beetles are usually replaced by Doom Knights and Venom Lords, and the Hags are usually replaced by the same. This may also work with other areas.

Unlimited one way portal:
Cast a Town Portal from a safe location, then take the portal into town. Use the waypoint system and run to get back to your last location. This allows you to use the portal to go back into town an unlimited number of times as long as you do not use it from town to return to where you were previously.

Cow level:
When you have the Horadaric Cube, obtain "Wert's Leg" in Tristram (where you go to rescue Deckhard Cain). Go to the northwest part of the town and search the boy's body. Place both Wert's leg and a Tome of Town Portal in the Horadaric Cube, and it will open a portal to a hidden level filled with axe carrying cows. Do not go through the portal until you are over level 35 because the cows are quite numerous and strong
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