Well I am going to give you the skinny here. Not much but eh. Anywayz here is and exert from Next Generation Magazine:

Here is the top ten reasons why you should save money to buy Indrema:
10.The PlayStation 2 box looks like something Max Headroom designed. (May the '80s rest in peace.)
9.Some losers are going to wait in line for two days in front of some store just to get a hold of the new, overrated, "artificially created demand, we'll overcharge you 'cuz we can" toy season. You're not one of those, are you?
8.Buy "Made in the USA" (XBox doesn't count - Bill Gates is his own country)
7.God's own game console ins't worth the $600 that PS2 is scalping for these days.
6.Some hacker will just make a PS2 emulator for Indrema anywayz.
5.Nintendo is soooo fifth grade.
4.By the time you actually get a hold of PS2, its GPU will already be obsolete (Indrema's GPU is upgradeable).
3.Four controller ports and built-in Internet access. Indrema has it - PS2 doesn't (come on, we know you have more than one friend).
2.XBox says:"We are Microsoft. Resistance is futile." Indrema says:"We are Open Source. Vive la resistance!"

And the number one reason to save your money and buy Indrema is...
1.Indrema supports independent developers, so we'll get all the perverted games.
Karen McNeil
Antenna Group
San Francisco, CA

This article made me laugh every time I read it. Press release, yes it is. Anywayz yeah so there some stuff to start off it.

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