Gameboy Advance

Super Mario Advance
Instant Reset
To trigger the game's built-in soft reset and restart the game without using the power switch, simply hit the following buttons at the same time: Select + Start + A + B.

Level Warps
Warp to World 4: In level 1-3 go to the area just before the brick background. Pick up the plants until you get a bottle. Then go past the brick background until you find a pot and throw the bottle on it. Go through the door and down the pot into World 4. Warp to World 5: To warp to level 5, first get to level 3-1. When you enter the first door, fall all the way down. You have to be in the middle as you fall. When you stop, you will find a platform with a door. Enter the door, then look for the potion in the grass. Pick it up, then throw it on the ground, enter the door in cyberspace, and go into the vase and you will be at level 5.

Warp to World 6: In level 4-2 In the area with the whales find a bottle and throw it on the next pot. Enter the doorway and go down the pot into World 6.

Warp to World 7: Work your way to level 5-3. (It would be a good idea to choose Luigi for this level because of his superb jumping skills.) Go up the ladder at the beginning of the level, and then jump up onto the ledge above the ladder. As soon as you get on top of the ledge, grab the first grass on the right. It is a potion. Use the potion and go through the door. Now, while in sub-space, go down through the jar and voila! Now you're in Level 7!

Sleep Mode
So you're in the middle of playing Super Mario and the telephone rings... Or let's say you feel the sudden urge to check IGN for new GBA stories, but you're in the middle of a level -- what do you do? How about putting your GBA to sleep to preserve batteries? Press the Select and R buttons at the same time and the game will drop into deep sleep. To wake it up again, press Select and L.

99 Lives
In world 5-3 come up to the surface and throw the shell on the ground there, it will keep bouncing off of the walls back and forth. Jump and land on the shell and wait for the birds to drop the bombs. The shell will kill the bombs, and after you get a certain amount you start getting 1-UPS, you can do this forever until you have 99.

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