Gameboy Codes

WWF Raw-
One Hit Knock Down
To knock down your opponent with one hit, press A for 5 sec at the Player Select screen.

WWF Warzone-
Finishing Moves
The manual doesn't list the finishers for each of the wrestlers, so here's a full list of them. Please note that left is ALWAYS left and right is ALWAYS right. It doesn't matter which way you're facing. Also, unless otherwise indicatd, these moves are done in Tie-Up.

Shawn Michaels
Sweet Chin Music: Hold Special, Left, Right, Up.

Tombstone Piledriver: Hold Special, Right, Up, Down.

Ken Shamrock
Ankle Lock Submission: Hold Special, Left, Up, Right.

Steve Austin
Stone Cold Stunner: Hold Special, Down, Left, Right.

The Dominator: Hold Special, Down, Up, Left.

Curtain Call: Hold Special, Right, Down, Right.

Triple H
The Pedigree: Hold Special, Up, Left, Down.

Mankind - (Done over a Fallen Opponent)
Mandible Claw: Hold Special, Up, Right, Left.

Owen Hart
Spinning Heel Kick: Hold Special, Down, Right, Left.

The Rock
The Rock Bottom: Hold Special, Left, Down, Up.

British Bulldog
Running Powerslam: Hold Special, Right, Left, Down.

Ahmed Johnson
Pearl River Plunge: Hold Special, Up, Down, Left.

The Undertaker
Tombstone Piledriver: Hold Special, Left, Down, Right.

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