Gameboy Codes

Harvest Moon-
$200 Every Day
For an extra 200 dollars per day go into your tool shed and go out the back door. You will be in a cave. On 2 of the rocks in front of you there will be mushrooms. Pick them up and put them in the shipping box in the cave. Do this everyday.

Become Harvest Master
To win the title of "Harvest Master", there are strict requirements, and it won't be easy. You must have 4 cows, 4 chickens, hoed over 1600 squares, shipped 4500 pieces of produce, an Ultra Deluxe House, over six power berries, over 65536 GP, and a happines over 250. With all this you'll get the best ending.

Free Seeds
When you start a new game, choose a girl and name her something starting with a heart. Pick a cat as a pet and start it's name with a heart. You will start with one bag of grass, one bag of turnups, and the watering can.

Get the Super Hammer, Axe, Hoe, and Sickle
To get the Super Hammer, upgrade your house once and you will get it from the carpanter as a gift. For the axe, wait until the earthquake comes and use the axe in the dwarve's cave, second screen up, on the now-open pond slot.(The one that was blocked by the rock) For the hoe and sickle, from the start of the game, give a mushroom a day to the first dwarf you see until the earthquake. Free the crushed dwarf, go up one screen in the cave (Where you get the axe) and talk to the dwarf in there. when he asks if the hoe and sickle are working alright, say yes. he will upgrade them.

Golden Axe
To get the golden axe you have to go to the back of the mushroom cave and throw your axe in the water all the way at the opposite side where you came in. The Harvest fairy will ask you if you dropped a golden axe say "NO" she will then give it to you. If you say yes she'll call you a liar.

Grandfather's Secret Stash
Go into your home on the ranch, and check out the night stand on the right of the bed (by using the A button, with no tools selected.) You will find 1000G of "Grandfather's rainy day money."

Growing the Cabin Plant
To grow the plant in the left of the cabin, by the bed, you must eat the power berries. To get them give the elf in the first room of the caves one mushroom a day for about 10 - 30 days. NOTE! If you talk to the elf this will not work so just give the elf a mushroom, cycle through his speech, and the don't talk to him until about 15 consecutive days of this have passed and then talk to him. Every time you eat one berry the plant will grow more.

How to Get the Horse
When you look at the schedule on your clock, you will see that it has the time the season and the day/date. On the tenth day of spring you will wake up and automatically go outside and somebody will ask you to take care of their horse because the can't keep it anymore. Say yes and it's yours!

Name Game
How you enter your name determines which crops youll be able to buy and grow. Capitalize the first letter in your name to grow eggplant and carrots. Leave the first letter in you name in lowere case to grow peanuts and broccoli. If you want to grow all four crops, replace the first letter in your name with a symbol, such as a heart.

Nice Cows
When you name your cows begin it with a heart and they will grow up faster and give good milk. Note that this only works if it is your first cow ever.

Power Berries
An alternative way to finding Power Berries (see Growing the Cabin Plant) is to simply use a hoe and dig for them. It helps greatly to have the super hoe. They will be evaluated into your score at the end of the year.

Taking a stroll with your cow
Walk with your cow outside the barn by pushing your cow to the door. Then go around its feeding stable to get to the other side. Once you push it out the door, a little clip will be shown of you and your cow walking. It makes your cow very happy, especially if it's sick or unhappy.(WARNING-Walking with your cow loses 1hr. so make sure you have extra time.)

Harvest Moon 2
Game Shark Codes
Infinite Money
Infinite Lumber, Fodder & Seeds
Have Ax
Have Hammer
Have Sickle
Have Hoe

Heroes of Might and Magic
Gameshark Codes
Infinite Wood 01FF80CB
Infinite Mercury 01FF81CB
Infinite Ore 01FF82CB
Infinite Sulfur 01FF83CB
Infinite Crystal 01FF84CB
Infinite Gems 01FF85CB
Infinite Money 01FF86CB 01FF87CB
Day Modifier 01??10CA
Week Modifier 01??11CA
Month Modifier 01??12CA
Left Side In-Battle Codes
Max Units Slot 1 01FFECCA
No Units Slot 1 0100ECCA
Max Units Slot 2 01FFFACA
No Units Slot 2 0100FACA
Max Units Slot 3 01FF08CB
No Units Slot 3 010008CB
Max Units Slot 4 01FF16CB
No Units Slot 4 010016CB
Max Units Slot 5 01FF24CB
No Units Slot 5 010024CB
Right Side In-Battle Codes
Max Units Slot 1 01FF32CB
No Units Slot 1 010032CB
Max Units Slot 2 01FF40CB
No Units Slot 2 010040CB
Max Units Slot 3 01FF5ECB
No Units Slot 3 01005ECB
Max Units Slot 4 01FF6CCB
No Units Slot 4 01006CCB
Max Units Slot 5 01FF6ACB
No Units Slot 5 01006ACB

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