Gameboy Codes

Game and Watch Gallery 3
Reset saved game
At the main screen, press Up(2), Down(2), Left(2), Right(2).

Instant save
Pause the game and power off the Game Boy. When the Game Boy is powered back on, the game will automatically resume at the last point played.

Toggle music
At the mode selection screen, press Select. A musical note will appear when music is enabled. Note: Music is only played in modern mode games.

Music room
Earn two stars to unlock the Music room. Note: 200 points equals one star.

Earn five stars to unlock the Museum.

Flagman mini-game
Earn ten stars to unlock the Flagman mini-game.

Judge mini-game
Earn twenty stars to unlock the Judge mini-game.

Lion mini-game
Earn thirty stars to unlock the Lion mini-game.

Spitball Sparkey mini-game
Earn forty stars to unlock the Spitball Sparkey mini-game.

Donkey Kong 2 mini-game
Earn fifty stars to unlock the Donkey Kong 2 mini-game.

View ending credits
Earn fifty stars to view the ending credits.

Fire mini-game
Earn sixty stars to unlock the Fire mini-game in the Gallery.

Grand Theft Auto
Episode skip
The following trick will advance the game to the next episode of the current level. Die or get arrested until you have no lives remaining. When the screen displaying your stats appears, press A to restart and use the same character. The next episode in the level will be unlocked. Repeat this procedure to unlock all the levels. Note: Once you start the next episode you must pause the game and press B button to quit in order for the level to be stored in memory.

Level select
Rename any character to "LEVELS" to unlock all cities. Alternately, rename any character to "WENDY".

Infinite ammunition
Rename any character to "FULL".

Hidden characters
Rename the character "KELLY" to "SUMNER" to unlock the game's developers.
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