Dreamcast Codes

70 Person Battle
Successfully complete the game and save the Clear Data to unlock 70 Person Battle on the options screen. Disc 3 must be in the Dreamcast in order to play this mode.

Hidden artwork
Place any of the three game discs in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive to find high resolution .BMP files in the "Omake" directory

Reverse control configuration for Space Harrier
To reverse the control configuration (down and up are switched) in Space Harrier, hold A, X, or Y. "Up input is down" should appear below the number of credits. Press Start to play the game with reverse control.

Extra money
After getting your job, on the second day of work move all the boxes to Warehouse 3 as normal. When the shift ends, do not go to the back of Warehouse 17. Instead, play darts or practice your moves to waste time until Ryo says it is time to go home. When you wake up the next morning, you will have the same work day over again. If you made quota the previous day, you will get paid more money for the same job. This can be repeated as much as needed.

Better slot machine chances
Go to the Lapis fortune teller and choose "Gamble" for your fortune. She will give you a lucky number. Go to the slot house and find the slot machine with your lucky number on it. You should win approximately 70% of the time.

Gameshark Codes
Master Code (Must Be On)
Max Money
Have All Collection
Have All Punches Mastered
Extra Items

Skies of Arcadia
Gameshark Codes
Infinite Gold
Max HP Vyse
Max HP Aiko

Sonic Adventure-
Play as Super Sonic
Beat the game with all six starting characters to unlock Super Sonic. Sonic will transform into Super Sonic after some time into the next game.

Play as Tails
Controller two may be used to control Tails after he is obtained in the game. Note: Shields, invincibility and extra life boxes have no effect on Tails if collected.

Full pause screen
Pause the game and press Y + X.

Hidden artwork
Place the game disc in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive to find several rendered images from the game.

Alternate Twinkle Park Race views
Press Up during the Twinkle Park Race level to change views.

Alternate Station Square appearance
Connect to the Dreamcast Network site through the Sonic Adventure game disc and download the new file.

Silver Chao egg
Go to the Mystic Ruins. Go to the water fall located in the middle of the Adventure Field. Push the stone that is jutting out of the wall to the right of the water fall. A silver egg will fall from behind the waterfall and float to shore. When it hatches, a silver Chao will be born.

Golden Chao egg
Go to the Station Square area. Then, go to the area when you fought Chaos for the first time. Look to the side of the City Hall entrance to find an egg shaped rock. Take the rock to the building to the left from City Hall. Walk to the window to see a golden Chao egg. However, if you try to take it the front door will lock. Replace the egg with the rock and the door will unlock, allowing you to leave with the egg. When the egg hatches, a golden Chao will be born.

Black and blue Chao egg Go to the egg carrier. Then, go the jail area where Amy was kept. In the cell next to where she was held is a black and blue egg. Step on the switch to open the door. Take the egg to the garden. When it hatches, a dark grey and dark blue Chao will be born.Power-up locations
Light Speed Shoes: Sewer in Station Square.
Crystal Ring: Elevator on second floor of hotel.
Ancient Light: On rock near bridge to Angel Island.

Rhythm Badge: Follow Tikal to past (it is on a pyramid).
Jet Anklet: In the sewer behind Twinkle Park.

Fighting Glove: In the cave near Angel Island.
Shovel Claw: On a cliff behind Big The Cat's house.

Warrior Feather: Defeat Hedgehog Hammer for the first time.
Long Hammer: Defeat First Place score again.

Big The Cat
Life Belt: In the lake in the cave leading to Angel Island.
Power Rod: In Forest under Big's bed.
Lure 1: In Sewer Behind Twinkle Park.
Lure 2: In a cave in the Forest.
Lure 3: In the Icecap level.
Lure 4: In a prison cell on the Egg Carrier.

E-102 Gamma
Jet Booster: In the Ammunition Room of the Egg Carrier.
Gun Upgrade: In the room opposite the Ammunition Room.

Getting every Emblem
Sonic: 30 emblems to collect in Sonic's Action Stages.
Tails: 15 emblems to collect in Tail's Action Stages.
Knuckles: 15 emblems to collect in Knuckles Action Stages.
Amy: 9 emblems to collect in Amy's Action Stages.
Big the Cat: 12 emblems to collect in Big's Action Stages.
E-102 Gamma: 15 emblems to collect in E-102's Action Stages.
Adventure Field: 12 emblems to find in Adventure Field.
Mini-Games: 10 emblems to collect in Mini-Games.
Chao Races: 5 emblems to collect in Chao Races.
Complete the game with all six characters to get 6 emblems. This brings the total number of emblems that are collectible in the game to 130.

Chao moods
Heart: Happy
-- over eyes: Happy
Swirl: Angry
XX over eyes: Angry
Flailing Arms: Angry
Question Mark: Confused
Exclamation Mark: Surprised
Half Closed eyes: Tired
Waving Arms: Wants Attention

Game Shark Codes
Version 1.0
Infinite Lives 86D39645 00000009
999 Rings D3D8989A 000003E7
Unlock Tails & Knuckles 274F7B2C 00000101
Unlock Amy & E-102 "Y" 49DA07A0 00000101
Unlock "Big" The Cat & Super Sonic 7E1DCB6B 00000101
Skating Sonic 44923941 0000000E 44AA3941 0000000E

Version 1.1
Infinite Lives E3E703C0 00000009
999 Rings 4DDA049D 000003E7

Soul Calibur-
Bonus characters and stages
Successfully complete the game with each of the standard characters to unlock a new character or stage.

Play as Edge Master Successfully complete the game with all standard and bonus characters.

Arcade mode (Japanese version)
Successfully complete the game, including the bonus stages, with every character.

Mission battle bonuses
Successfully complete all the missions to unlock the hidden art in the museum and a third costume for Sophitia, Voldo, Siegfried, Maxi, and Xianghua by pressing Y + A while selecting one of those characters. Completing all mission battles will unlock various museum options such as exhibition theater, opening direction (change the introduction), and character profiles. Additionally, an "Extra Survival" mode will also be unlocked at the main screen.

Dojo mission
Successfully complete all the missions and the extra missions that appear after the Chaos stages. Then at the mission selection screen, move to the eastern-most map and place the pointer over Korea. Move over this area until the mission confirmation sound is heard.

Swamp mission
Successfully complete all the missions and the extra missions that appear after the Chaos stages. Then at the mission selection screen, move to the western-most map and place the pointer between Germany and Russia. Move over this area until the mission confirmation sound is heard.

Metallic characters
Begin a game in mission battle mode and fight until the "Metal Mode" option is unlocked. Then, hold R while selecting a fighter.

Extra weapons
Unlock Edge Master and successfully complete all mission battles. Then at the character selection screen, hold L while selecting a character for extra weapons.

Play as Inferno
Unlock all the characters, stages, and extra bonuses that are awarded by playing the game in arcade mode and mission mode. Get every picture in the mission mode. When this is accomplished, return to the arcade mode, and select Xianghua and her third outfit by pressing Y + A. If desired, the game may be set to one round and the easy difficulty. Play through and complete the game with her. After the credits complete, a new soul (Inferno) will appear to the right of Edge Master. He randomly switches weapons like Edge Master, but has some moves of his own that can be done with any weapon.

Alternate title screen
Successfully complete all missions in mission battle mode for a golden title screen. Unlock Inferno and all 338 pictures in the Art Gallery for a monochrome title screen.

Alternate costumes
At the character selection screen, press Y to alternate all character costumes. Press Y again to change all character costumes back to their original.

Full character profile screen
At the character profiles screen, press L + R to remove the window on that screen.

Change replay focus
Normally, the replay camera will focus on the winner of the match. Press B to change the focus to the losing character.

Select victory pose
Win a match, then press X, Y, or B during the replay to select one of the victory poses.

Full pause screen
Pause the game and press X + Y.

English character profiles (Japanese version)
Unlock the profiles for each character. Press L + R at the character profiles screen to remove the window, then hold A + B + X + Y to reset the game. Hold X and press Start when demo mode starts. Then, return to the character profiles screen

Space Channel 5-
Alternate game
Successfully complete the game, then load the saved game file and select any level. The game will begin with new routes at a harder difficulty setting.

Fiery Ulala
Achieve a rank of 95% or higher to play as Ulala surrounded by purple fire.

Michael Jackson cameo
Michael Jackson can be found in the last level of the game.

Full pause screen
Pause the game and press X + Y.

Star Wars:Demolition
Play as Tamtel Shreej
Successfully complete the game with at least 10,000 credits with Boba Fett and Wade Vox to unlock Tamtel Shreej.

Play as Pugwis
Successfully complete the game with at least 10,000 credits with General Otto and Tia & Ghia to unlock Pugwis.

Play as Wittin
Successfully complete the game with at least 10,000 credits with Aurra Sing and Quagga to unlock Wittin.

Play as Malakili
Successfully complete the game with at least 10,000 credits with Tamtel Shreej, Pugwis, and Wittin to unlock Malakili.

Play as Boushh, Darth Maul, and Lobot
Successfully complete the game with at least 10,000 credits with Malakili to unlock Boushh, Darth Maul, and Lobot.

Game Shark Codes
Infinite Credits 30F12A18
Unlock All Vehicles/Movies/Characters 9508C4A8

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