Dreamcast Codes

Phantasy Star Online
Hidden Costume Colors Start a new game and select your character. Access the Character Name selection and enter the coresponding code for your character. Once you have entered your code you can then acess the Costume selection and you will have 2 more colors to choose from.

Character = Code
Hunewearl = MOUEOSRHUN
Fonewearl = XSYGSSHEOH

Screen Capture Feature
To access the screenshot capture program on PSO you'll need to have an additional Dreamcast controller plugged into port D of your Dreamcast, and an empty VMU. The VMU has to be TOTALLY EMPTY because the screenshot you take using the PSO capture program needs 195 blocks of space. Insert the VMU into socket 2 of the DC pad plugged into port D. Now, start up Phantasy Star Online and get into a game with a character - it doesn't matter if it's offline or online. Now, to take a screenshot, take the DC pad plugged into port D and press Start, A and X buttons together. If you've done everything properly, a black screen should appear with some numbers counting down at the upper right corner. Once the countdown ends, you'll revert back to your gameplay screen. You now have the portrait saved on the VMU! Though we have yet to figure out if there's any way to see the portrait on your Dreamcast, you can upload it through email and send it to friends! Additionally, you may be able to upload your screens on Sonic Team's Official PSO Visual BBS webpage where you can also view other PSO portraits on the site.

Delsabers Shield
First you should play in the ruins in either hard/vhard mode. Keep fighting the DelSabers until you find a "Delsaber's Right Arm" and a "Delsaber's Left Arm" Than in the Guild missions complete the quest called "Doc's Secret Plan." Complete this quest; return to the Pioneer 2. Than start up the next quest, "Unsealed Door." Find Dr. Montague on the Pioneer 2 (he's just outside the Medical Center). Talk to him and he'll give you the 'Delsaber's Buster' and/or 'Delsabers Shield'.

Quick Charge With A Buddy
Here's a little trick if your bud's having a hard time trying to get his MAG's Photon Blast charged quicker. First, remove all attacks and magic from your Customization menu. Place Resta in the R trigger customization menu and place it on the B button (the one with the blue outline). Place any spell like Grants or Zonde on the other customization menu's B button. Target a player and quickly tap the R trigger and then the B button. You should cast whatever spell you linked to the first customization menu's B button and hit the player with it. You won't damage the player, but it will charge their MAG's Photon Blast. It might take some time to master, but keep practicing with it and you'll do fine.

Fun with the Load Screen
Bored while waiting through that first load screen? Move the analog stick around and you'll notice a little pulsing star trail follwing your actions. Not much use to it, but it keeps your mind busy while you wait!

Hard Mode/Vhard Mode
Beat the off-line version of the game to unlock hard mode and again for Very Hard Mode. You get more expierience and better items in these modes.

Loose your weapon to the boss?
If you die at a boss character in PSO, here's a little trick to get back your main weapon. Before you fight any boss, set a telepipe (or use the spell Ryuker if you have it) close to the boss teleporter. Now, if you die fighting the boss, go back to the main town, and take the telepipe you set back to the boss teleporter. Go back to the boss character, locate where your weapon is and get it. As long as you DON'T equip your main weapon, and keep it in your inventory you'll keep it even if you die to the boss.

Special Character Animations
If you're sick of your character just standing around like a motionless robot, you can use this handy little trick if you have a keyboard to make your character perform some different animations while you are in the lobby. On your Dreamcast keyboard, hold down the "Alt" key and then press any of the function keys (F1 through F12) and you'll see a new animation. Now your character will have a little more life!

Power Stone 2
Full pause screen
Pause the game and press X and Y at the same time.

Open Extra Arenas
Complete the game with 9 characters. That includes the 7 original plus Pride and Mel. This will unlock three arenas. You can access the arenas by going to the arena selection screen and pressing either left or right until the cursor is off of the screen. A text box will appear with the words "Extra Arena".

Open The Extra Options In The Option Menu
Complete the Basic Mode, every time this is done you will unlock a new option.

Unlock Mel
Complete the game with all 8 characters. That includes the 7 original plus Pride. This will unlock Mel.

Unlock Pride
Complete the game with all 7 original characters to unlock Pride.

Psychic Force 2012
Play as Richard Wong
Accumulate over six hours of game play. Alternatively, successfully complete story mode with all ten characters.

Play as Keith Evans
Accumulate over twelve hours of game play. Alternatively, unlock Richard Wong, then successfully complete arcade mode with all characters with the game set to two round victories.

Play as Burn Gliffis
Unlock Richard Wong and Keith Evans. Then, successfully complete story and arcade modes with all characters, including Richard Wong and Keith Evans, with the game set to two round victories.

Play as Evil (Silver) Emelio
Accumulate over sixteen hours of game play. Alternatively, play as Emelio thirty times. He is identical to Emelio, but has different color moves.

Play as Good (Golden) Emelio
Accumulate over eighteen hours of game play. Alternatively, play as Emelio fifty times. He is identical to Emelio, but is good.

Updated Psychic Force 1 battle
Unlock Keith Evans and Burn Gliffis. Then, allow the demo to run through to view a graphically revamped version of the Psychic Force 1 battle between Keith and Burn.

Alternate costumes
At the character selection screen, highlight a fighter and press B. Note: This has no effect in story mode.

Hidden artwork
Place the game disc in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive to find .BMP images from the game in the root directory.
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