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The 9th Imperial Legion is part of the Terran Defence Force. Based on Earth in the city of New Kiev, the 9th has a reputation as the most fanatically loyal legion in the empire. First to strike back after the Turkhazakistan debacle, the 9th was also the first regular TDF unit to land on Mars during the Martian Rebellion. Recalled to defend Earth, it now battles against the Cybrid menace. Philosophically, our aim is purely to do the Emperor's will. We stand by the Emperor's Fortification Proclamation, and we treat colonists accordingly. While we are not really 'anti-colonist', we believe wholeheartedly in 'Earth first'. Some 'Dustbunnies' and 'Veens' don't like that, but their emigrant ancestors accepted (as they themselves should) that life on the colonies would be hard - if they can't deal with it, we are ready and willing to make sure it remains THEIR problem. As an Imperial Legion unit, the 9th uses Earth-manufactured hercs almost exclusively. While on Mars, the 9th Legion overran a Martian herc manufacturing factory and was able to appropriate a good number of Martian-made hercs, which have been approved for use by the legion


The word strikes fear into the hearts of our citizens. Who's out there to protect them?

The 9th Imperial Legion!

Looking for a worthwhile job with good pay and benefits? Looking for a life of travel and adventure? Well, you can stop looking, that life has found YOU! A career in the Emperor's Legions can give you respect, a good steady income, and the pride that goes with knowing that YOU are protecting Terra Mater. There's plenty of room for advancement, and maybe even the chance to save humanity! What are you waiting for? Join up today!

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