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Resources And Helpful Links


The Junkyard- A great source for basic tactics and ethics of the game. Also a spot that decribes each Herc and Tank.

Other Resources
Orogogus's Starsiege Scripting Page- A great source of information for people who want to learn to script, and for experienced scripters too.

Ghosts of the Antipd- A writers society that is continually putting out new work. Also constructing the upcoming "SS2" mod.

Alpha Blue-Another great site for people looking to script/design maps.

Nexus T-A news source site for the Starsiege community, built by La J.

Starsparkle-A good site for skins and awsome art, created by ShatteredStar.

Squad Sites
Squad Websites-A complete list of all of the active squads in the Starsiege Universe.