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9th Imperial Legion's Constitution

New Members

All new members are to be assigned to the "In Training" bracket under our roster. You will be evaluated in practice and in servers, so we can identify the type fighting style you use. Whether it be defensive, offensive, or stealth. We will also observe your loyalty and your activeness in practices. This is so we can determine a spot for you in the squads, on the active roster. Pilots who fight in more of an offensive attitude will, in most cases, be assigned to either 1st Assault or 2nd Assault, the defensive pilot will be assigned to Fire Support, and the stealth pilots, mainly tanks, will be assigned to Recon. Whether you are in 1st Assault or 2nd Assault does not prove how good or bad of a pilot you are. It is just simply to break down the sizes of the squads.


When under the {9thIL}* tag, all members are to have respect for other players, avoid vulgar language, and to be courteous. As it says in our Mission Statement, the 9th Imperial Legion's members are to stay "in character", and there are enough elite squads out there. (All members are to keep a certain level of respect). In some cases, vulgar language cannot be avoided, but if excessive use of it is angled toward a certain player, expect punishment - either probation or a decrease in rank.

Weapon Use

The Legion does not endorse the use of seeking weapons, such as missile projectiles and Smart Guns. It does, however, accept that a member uses them on occasion, or in certain cases on the battlefield. Again, excessive use of these certain types of weapons will result in a possible probation, or a decrease in rank. We believe that if the weapons were put into the final game, they are up for use, to a certain degree. If you so desire to abuse or excessively use heat-seeking/radar-tracking devices, make sure you have disposed of our tag; whether you have changed your name or not is up to you. After you have completed you boating frenzy, you may put on our tag, only to use non-radar/non-heat-seeking devices.


The 9th Imperial Legion uses a basic measurement for a ranking system. We do not wear our ranks behind or in front of our names; instead we place them into the squads bracket. When you are assigned to either Alpha or Bravo company, you are to also put that in the bracket. The order for this is 9thIL then a backslash, then the company you have been assigned to, following with your squad, then your rank. For example: 9thIL/AC (for Alpha Company)/ 1A(for 1st Assault)/1Lt. Here is a complete listing of the ranks used by the Legion, in their ascending order:

Pvt. = Private - the beginning rank for a person fresh out of training.
Cpl. = Corporal - the next step up from a Private.
Sgt. = Sergeant - usually the second of command in a squad.
MSgt. = Master Sergeant - either the commander of a squad, or in some cases second in command.
2Lt. = Second Lieutenant - a commander of a squad.
1Lt. = First Lieutenant - a commander of a squad.
CA. = Company Adjunct - the Company Commander's assistant.
CC. = Company Commander - the leader of the Company.

All pilots are to show respect towards their Squad leader, Company Commander, as well as other fellow pilots.

The "Squads"

The 9th Imperial Legion is split up into different divisions, starting with the Company. The Company is the biggest of the divisions. It holds 1st Assault, 2nd Assault, Recon, and Fire Support, and is in command by a Company Commander. There are two Companies in the Legion: Alpha and Bravo Company. Prior to becoming a part of either Company, as said earlier, you must pass through training. All members that join the 9th Legion are automatically transferred into the Training bracket first.

Roger Wilco

Upon transfer into the 9th Imperial Legion, all new members are to have downloaded and understand how to use Roger Wilco. Roger Wilco is a hands free chat program that we will use during practices and during skirmishes. It only requires a simple microphone to use, and can be found at This is notnecessary to graduate from the Training bracket into the normal squads, but, is highly recommended. If you do not have a microphone, simply download the program and you can at least listen to your fellow squadmates.


The 9th Imperial Legion practices on a weekly basis. We hold locked servers every Sunday at 8:00 pm central time. This is so we can get together as a squad and work on tactics, solve squad issues, work on our piloting skills, and most importantly, act as an active squad in the Starsiege Universe. All members are advised to attend; those that are looking for rank advancement and also looking to move out of Training, that is. If you have joined already, you should have recieved the password from the recruiter, or a fellow Legion pilot.


All members that wish to be moved up into the Squads are required to have and use ICQ frequently. This is just a basic communication tool that can be found at You are given a number to identify yourself - this should be given when you submit an application to the 9th Imperial Legion.

Command Council

The Command Council is the determining factor in squad relations, disputes, declaration of wars, alliances, etc. The Command Council is made up of all pilots that have achieved a Lieutenant rank or higher, and all talking will be accomplished on the forums. Voting on certain issues will take place on the Command Council forums, as well. All members of the Command Council are to be respected and treated accordingly.