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1. Before you play.

1a. Description

Two Way Street is a game for two or more players with anywhere from about 10 minutes to several hours on their hands. I first created the game because of the high luck factor in other Whist games such as Hearts and Spades, by letting the players choose whether they wanted to take tricks or not. While some Whist games, such as Bridge, have very low luck factors, Bridge requires partners. Two Way Street does not.

1b. Equipment

For 2-4 players, one deck is needed, with up to two jokers. With 5 players, either one or two decks may be used. For 6 and up two decks must be used. If you want to play with more than 8, you should split into two tables (preferably by rating.) If there are two Jokers per deck, and there is a difference in art, decide which is red and which is black. If you have time to play more than a single hand, you should have a sheet of paper and a pencil for scorekeeping.

Section 2: Play of the Game Section 3: Scoring Section 4: Duels Section 5: Examples