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World War One



Dawn attack


Old Glory’s WWI line caught my eye, I got addicted and now I have painted up about 3 platoons of French infantry. Each platoon is about 40 figures so that was quite a bit of painting. Of course, as you can see in the picture above I had to get a tank and, let’s not forget, HMGs, LMGs, trench mortars, etc…


My club, the Mid Hudson Wargamers use the Trench Wars rules also sold by Old Glory (no I don’t get paid by Old Glory for doing this, just giving credit where credit is due). The rules are skirmish level; they play very fast and are very deadly. Heavy machine guns dominate the landscape – as they should.


Why WW1 French? Cool uniforms, neat helmets and Kirk Douglas in Paths of Glory.





Infantry & Trench fighters

Support Weapons


Special Characters