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FAQ's do come in handy when looked over because they might answer one of your questions for Suikodeclipse gameplay. Please take a minute to look these over before you barrage the administrator with questions.

1. Q: Why is it that you can only have one weapon, set of armor, etc. at a time?
A: Basically just for organizational purposes. Until I can find someone to help run Suikodec, it's a lot easier to keep track of one weapon per character then seventeen.
2. Q: Wait, wait! Hold on a sec! Shouldn't Yuber be alot stronger than Pesmerga?! And isn't the Soul Eater like..more powerful than the Blue Gate Rune?
A: Everyone starts out with the same number of stat points. When people choose a certain character, they should be expecting to get a story out of it. Hurry up and get those exciting characters before they're all out!
3. Q: Can a character from the game become a Bowyer, Blacksmith ect?
A: Yiup. When it comes to occupation, all possobilities are open for everyone. Yes, even Mukumuku.
4. Q: Can we start roleplaying after we send you our form or do we have to wait?
A: You have to wait so that I can put you into my logs and make it all official. After you have sent me your form, and it is valid, I will send you a "welcome to Suikodeclipse e-mail" that we'll explain some stuff to you and help you out with a few things.
5. Q: If we choose a character from the game, does he/she have to start out with their weapon from the game or can we choose another?
A: Well, my answer for that is..... yes. I know it's sometimes inconvenient for you but it helps ME a whole bunch. If you choose to be a character that wasn't a star of destiny (Yuber is a good example) then you would have the privelage of naming your weapon.
6. Q: How many runes can we have at one time?
A: You will only to be able to varry one rune at a time until I say that you have gained the privilage of carrying 1+.