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Yiup, Suikodeclipse isn't opened yet, but don't worry, it'll be open once everything is finally finished. Any suggestions are welcome.
-SeD Admin

Suikodeclipse, A Suikoden RPG



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Japenese Legend of Suikoden Site

The Peace in the land seemed blatant and everlasting....
But, others could not accept this change in the this world,
For it had been known as a battlefield for as long as they could remember..

Lives began to become reborn as the peace progressed and the formerly deceased began roaming the land once again,
just as confused as their old comrades and familes..

The Curruption of few will bring upon the Chaos of many if the evil succeeds..
And once again the Stars of Destiny gather, but Leknaat, the seer, grants a change to this old, traditional union...

The limit of Stars can only be decided by the number of pure souls, for the land may suffer under greater pearl imagined than ever before...
Previous enemies may have to become allies if this evil is not stopped...

Towns burn and people weep as this upbringing looms over them,
for the common thought shared in this land is no longer to bring justice,

But to Survive...

Welcome to the Suikoden-based RPG Suikodeclipse. In Suikodeclipse you may pick one out of the 108 stars of destiny from either one the Suikoden games except for the ones played by the administrator or you can customize your own character. In this RPG you can by from a great selection of armor and runes. But before asking too many questions, check out the rules section. If that doesn't answer all of your questions e-mail the administrator at The administrator will go by the account name "Suiko-Admin". Have a good time playing. The question that you must face in this RPG "Is Fate Unchangable?"

I would like to thank Peter Shumate for his interminable encouragement for this website. The creation of this website was very confusing and he helped me all the way. Suikoden ™ and Suikoden II ™ are both Registered Trademarks of Kanomi. I do not have any license to use these names and use them not to my benefit.