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Welcome to my mods page. here you'll find various mods I have created for the Activision game Star Trek: Armada.

Mod installation instructions are included in the zip files.

In order to unzip these files, you'll need a compression utility such as WinZip.

If you wish to see a certain mod created, please email me at with details and I will do my best to create the mod for you. Just about anything is possible, so don't hesitate to ask!

Have a mod you want posted? Send it in!


The ability to use mods in Armada was incorporated by Activision, therefore, these mods should work just fine. However, I cannot guarantee that they will. I have personally tested each one under Instant Action skirmishes, even those submitted by visitors. They have not been tested under multiplayer, so I don't know what will happen if you try to play a multiplayer game with them installed. I am in no way responsible for any damage done to your computer or to the game. Use these mods at your own risk.

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Borg Upgrade Mod v1.0 


This is the first mod that I have released to the public. It modifies the Borg to match everyone's expectations.. they are extremely powerful and the Cubes are to scale (see screenshots below). The Cube has had many weapons added including 3 new special weapons. This mod should satisfy the complaints that the Borg are too weak. Also, the Advanced Assembly Matrix has also been enlarged to acomodate the Cube. It's VERY big, so be sure you have a lot of room to build.

WARNING: The Borg were designed to be weaker in the game to preserve game balance. Installing this mod will give you an excellent (and fun) challenge, but you will need a large fleet to beat one cube. Use discretion when appying this mod.

The Borg Assembly Matrix & Cube Under Construction

The Borg Cube

Federation Starbase Mod v1.0 


This mod replaces that weak and terrible-looking outpost with a full Fed starbase (the one seen in the campaign during the final battle at Earth). The starbase takes longer to build but can take a real pounding. Adding this mod will replace ALL outposts with starbases (i.e. in Instant Action you will begin with a starbase).

The New Federation Starbase