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Don Miguels
he translates alot of the makers!

Gaming Ground Zero
This site merged with mEDS and now they have the biggest team!

Dark Abyss Productions
made 3 games: Delusive Choices, Magician, and Drakesoul!

Drk Studios
check it out!

Dragon Gaming
Very nice RPGMaker2k site! (my fav)

RPG Wolfpac
very well organized site that has all the rpgmakers and more!

Dragon Universe
the sites cool and the maker of its cool!

This is cool! You can add any game that you made for RPGMaker 95 or 2k!

I am sponsering Falcate! The largest group of RPG Game Testers, they have many reviews and contest!

try not to pee your pants!

Jenn's Turorial
This site shows people how to write better stories for their personal RPGs.

has rpgmaker needs.

Spell Craft
nice site!

James's RPG House
It's quite a few downloads for RPG Maker 2000 and it has some stuff about Playstation RPG's!!

Dragon Master Gaming
made a game out called Star Quest!

Nice Sun Studio
rpgmakers, files, games and more!

Dragons RPGMaker
It has a green layout (so I like it)

SoMeDuDe's RPGMaking
Has alot of reviews on games.

Sophia City
I like this site alot, very neat layout! ^o^

Has a really nice site and you can get alot of info and downloads for RPGMaker2000

RPG Haven
New site! (Some of the links don't work)

Katalyst Productions
Always has some cool project that their working on.

RPG Extreme
It is very extreme!

RPG Wolfpac
Computer rpg makers, pen & paper, or old school nintendo/playstation rpgs.

The Heresy's
Very good tutorials on RM2000. (some links don't work though)

Duck Maker
Source on RPGMaker95 and 2000.

Triforce Games
This site makes alot of Games (Pokemon Digimon all the mons)

Golden Star
There making Metal Gear Solid Game!

I helped put his site together.

Defiant's Editorials
Has emulators and some good downloads

The RPG Library
The one place to get help and alot of links!

RPG Depot
...No! They do not sell Wood!

The company who made all the RPGMakers and other stuff
[Warning in Japanese]

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