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1. League Overview

a. SMFL is a computer simulated league, run by Action PC 2000 simulator. The league will consist of 31 teams all of which will be involved in the inagural draft at the beginning.
b. SMFL is a keeper league meaning that the core of your team will stay the same from season to season.

2. League Info

a. The league will consist of a 16 game schedule. And will run for 17 weeks giving each team 1 bye week.
b. The top 6 teams in each of the 2 conferances will make the playoffs. Thats the top team in each division, plus three wild card spots for each conferance.
c.Money in Trades

Teams cannot trade money for players

3. Drafting

A. Before the beginning of each season the league will go thru a Keeper draft and a free agency period.
B. Upon receipt of next seasons player disk, each owner must declare 25 players to protect. All Unprotected players will be released into the keeper draft.
C. Each owner must declare there franchise players prior to the beginning of drafting of the following year.
---- Franchise tags are broken up as follows.
-------- Top 5 teams in there respective conferance recieve 1 franchise tag.
-------- Teams 6 - 10 receive 2 franchise tags
-------- Teams 11 - 16 receive 3 franchise tags
D. By random selection by the league office. 1 of the top 10 players on each team will be released unconditionally. This player will be considered as having a dispute with his team that cannot be resolved.
E. If the player chosen to be released carries the franchise tag. The player will not be released meaning your team does not lose anyone to free agency that year.
F. If a franchise player is traded the team recieving the franchise player will also lose there 1 ST round pick the following year to the team that traded there franchise player

4. Initial Free Agent Draft

a. The initial free agents lost to contract disputes will go into a bidding draft.
b. At this point each team will submit a secret bid for the players they would like to sign.
c. The team that submits the highest bid for that certain player will be the one who sign him. d. If two teams submit the same bid the team with the worse record in the prior season will win the services of that player.
e. Note the signing bid will become that players new salary for the upcomming season.
f. No starting bid may be lower then that players salary from the previous season.


Randy Moss has a dipute with his team. his curent salary is 3 641 000.
TEAM A bid 4 200 000
TEAM B bids 3 900 000
TEAM C bids 4 750 000
TEAM C wins the bidding war for Charlie Batch. Charlie Batchs new salary becomes 4 750 000

5. Salary Cap

a. To allow for more trading this season the league will up the salary cap to 90 000 000
b. you will have till the thursday of each week to get your salary under the cap or the league office will release your highest paid player in order to make room under the cap.

c. All owners must maintain at least a 40 man roster or they will be subjected to penalties

6. Trades

a. Trading can take place up until week 12 of the season
b. Trades can involve any of these factors draft choices or players.
c. Trades will only be valid if the league office receive confermation from both parties that a certain trade has taken place