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The Central Division looks to be a pure dogfight, with no one team looking to become the clearcut favorite. This should be the hottest, most fiercly fought division in SMFL. Here's how we see the division race coming down with my predicted records

West Texas Monkeys 10-6-0
Legends Bombadiers 9-6-1
Tombstone Lawdawgs 9-6-1
Scottsdale Knights 6-9-1
Montana Northern Lyghts 6-10-0
Mississauga Argos 6-10-0

The West Texas Monkeys do look to have a slight edge with an offense directed by Doug Flutie, run by Ricky Watters and flown by Qadry Ismail. On the other side of the ball they have the monster Kevin Carter, who is known to wreck havoc upon uposing QB's. They're backers and d-backs also look to be very solid and should hold they're own against any offense in the league.

The Legends Bombadiers are also looking strong as they have a potent offense led by journeyman QB Jim Harbaugh. They don't seem to have any standout RB's, but behind the line they have ammased, anybody could gain a thousand yards, and even Cunningham can stand back and fire down field, that is if he can stay out of the geriatric ward long enough. The defense is also looking formidable having established stars filling every position. One thing they have to watch out for is that they are all aging and thus time may be running out on them.

The Tombstone LawDawgs look to have one of the most impressive offenses in the league as they are going to ride the strong right arm of future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning and hop on the back of Jerome "the Bus" Bettis all the way to the doorstep of the championship from the wild card spot. Their one weekpoint is their defense as it does not have many notable names, but should be solid enough as their offense should put up huge numbers.

The Scottsdale Knights look to be a year or two removed from contention as they lack a big name runningback that can open up a passing game for the cannon of Tony Banks. The offesive line should, however, open up enough holes, that even someone as slow as Steve "My name ain't Sonny" Bono should gain a few yards from. On the other side of the ball, don't look for them to pitch too many shutouts as they have a couple of great backers, but not much of a pass rush.

The Montana Northern Lyghts seem to be a team that is in a rebuilding year. The only problem is this is their first year of existance! They are putting all their hopes of a winning season into the hands of a QB that had a horrible previous year, and now only has a bunch of no names to throw to under pressure, which he is perpetually going to be as their line is mediocre at best! Their one bright spot on offense is the steller running ability of big back Eddie George. They are also hoping to make all the games close with defense that is anchored by Zach Thomas and fueled by men mostly under the age of 30. One notable is that they have the now deceased Derrick Thomas. It is hoped his spirit will live on and he will guide this young team into the future. Also look for this team to challenge in the future because they only have five men that are in their thirties.

The Mississauga Argos are led by the strong armed and slippery Steve McNair who is poised to have a steller year. Also they have a star in second year man Edgerrin James, who is going to try and avoid the sophmore jinx, and should running behind such a large offensive line. This team does have a weekness in its defense, as they have no real runstuffers up front, but they do have a pretty good secondary and an underrated linebacking crew. Look for this team to put some points on the board, if their offense can stay on the field.

My pick for champion in the Super Bowl is Purple Haze over the Orange Crush 32-30

Other teams we see as legitimate contenders
Lynch Mob