Ben Reynolds
Montana Northern Lyghts

After the last exhibition game against the Loyalsock Lightning, we feel that we have come a lot further than we expected, though it is still too early to tell.

We were most impressed by our secondary stepping up and defending the recieving core of the Lightning. We did expect the Lightning to come out gunning, but not to the tune of 44 attempts, against only 8 rushes. I do think we coped well with it, and their breakaway back Napolean Kaufman didn't do much in the way of surprising us. All in all, we beleive our defense did an outstanding job of shutting down a potentially lethal offense. If we can do that against our next opponent, then we will have a chance to beat them also.

On the other side of the ball, the Snake managed to have a quitely great game racking up 300 yards and not throwing an interception. We also are impressed with the running abilities of Eddie George who seams to find the endzone with regularity. We were most impressed by our recieving core, especially Horn, who had big gains after he caught the ball.

All in all, we thought our performance was good, and we feel we could be competative with any team in this league, especially if our ball control offense stays on the field for a 25 minute advantage every sunday.

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