Ben Reynolds
Montana Northern Lyghts

The Northern Lyghts are really stoked about the upcoming season. The strong point of this years team is definitely going to be its defense. With a couple of up and coming linebackers that are tackling machines in Zach Thomas and Greg Biekert. The D-line is anchored in the middle by run stuffers Travis Hall and Norman Hand, who should make any offensive line queasy! The defense also features future stars in Grant Wistrom on the end and the Big Kat, Andy Katzenmoyer all over the field. We also feel our pass rushing ability, led by the ever dangerous, and now spiritual leader of the team, Derrik Thomas. One thing we don't feal to strongly about is our defensive secondary anchored by the always impressive coverage of Aeneas Williams. Our safety position is a little on the short side especially with the acquisition of ex-Nebraska Quarterback Scott Frost. On the whole, we believe that our secondary's shortcomings will be nagated by our front liners and linebackers as they will take away the running game of most teams.

On the offensive end, we put all of our eggs into one basket and have given it to the always slippery Jake "the Snake" Plummer. After a year filled with injury and inconsistancy, we look for this young man to bounce back and silence his critics by living up to his high expectations of becoming the next Joe Montana. We had planned on using a large back to help open up the passing game of Plummer. We still plan on doing just that, even though we traded away our number one pick Mike Alstott. We are also hoping that the very talented Lawrence Phillips will overcome his past personal problems and become the exceptional back that led Nebraska to the Promised Land. Our recievers are a bunch of young men that all have the ability to break open for long gains in the secondary. We are just hoping that our quarterback's mobility and our backs ability to break free will be enough to overcome or little offensive line problem. All in all, we beleive that our offense will be able to put points on the scoreboard.

Overall, we think our team has a good chance to make the playoffs and to make things interesting for even those teams that are the true powerhouses. We should go far, and maybe just surprise everybody in the process.

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